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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Spring Flower Show

Good Monday morning! Another week begins. On this foggy dreary typical April morning let's liven things up with a trip over the bridge to the smaller flower show. 

 The big show was held in March, supposedly safe because it is held in big airy greenhouses like airplane hangars. But time got away and I missed it. 


The smaller nursery, just over the bridges is always a sweet show. Much reduced this year though, no petting zoo, no Easter bunny, no pet parade. I am sure, like all small family businesses, these flower/ garden stores are struggling to survive. Nevertheless, and despite the dark rainy day, it was a fun outing.


Indoors, potted flowers and Easter baskets:

Sweet little bee and ladybug indoor pots:

And of course I loved these Trucks!


You may recall them from Christmas? They were 75.00 then, even more now planted with spring flowers.

Christmas trucks: HERE   [scroll down]

My mission was to choose seeds for my  deck pots. The Botanic heirloom seeds were almost all gone. What you see are cards that show the seed varieties ut there are no seed packs in the bins.

They did have Hart's which I prefer over Burpee. The Burpee seeds have very poor germination rates for me.

And I wanted pansies for a crock outside my deck windows. Boy did the have pansies! And violas. Acres of pansies. It was so hard to decide.

Here is what I chose. More violas than pansies, I just think the violas are so adorable.

Off topic : And here are the tete a tete narcissus I planted in November. Just 4 bulbs, 3.oo. This pot was under the deck chairs and for months under s snow drift, which I guess these baby daffs liked. I am so proud! These are my first successful outdoor potted spring bulbs. Ever. 
The other box of bulbs may or may not be sprouting in the wildflower pot. I am now sohopeful Original post HERE

Right now there is heavy rain falling and it is quite chilly. As soon as I get a few sunny days I will start my seeds. Like planting bulbs in the fall, it is so hopeful and later so rewarding to sprinkle tiny seeds in the warm brown soil. And watch the flowers grow and bloom.

Have a good week!



gone to  the beach...

Today's sign off pics are from Kelley, in Southern California. So beautiful.


  1. What a lovely flower show visit!! Spring is so full of hope--I hope to find both pots and seeds this month in my limited shopping stops...
    thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  2. Those pansies are just wonderful, harbingers of spring. The nurseries around here will be gearing up for early May opening and mother's day shoppers. Still a danger of killing frost until the end of May here.

  3. Even toned down, there's so much to see! The pansies are all lovely. Glad you came home with some. The hyacinths are putting on a show, too. Oh gosh, and the sweet Easter baskets. What fun!

    Oh, look at those cute daffs.

    Cripes, not sure I want to check out your Etsy shop ;) Those hearts are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. Made me smile.

  4. What a choice of violas and pansies. I usually go for violas as they seem to be have more blooms and last for ages, although pansies give a bit more height.
    Your little narcissus are a delight.

  5. Dear Lizzy, glad to know the reason why my zinnia seeds aren't doing so well, may be about the brand (Burpee). Think i'm just going to go to the greenhou$e, and buy a few plants.

  6. All of the flowers are just so pretty, especially the pansies! Hurray for Spring.

  7. I love that you got your pansies and violas this spring, and some seeds. Too bad they didn't have many heirloom seeds, that might have been fun.

    Love the trip to the nursery! I haven't gotten out much lately so it was especially fun to see the flowers and cute pots. I love the little trucks but that price is a little steep for me!

    Yay! for the success of your little daffodils! I guess under the deck chair was the perfect place for them! I hope they will do well and bloom again next spring!

    The pictures from Kel were wonderful, too. I'm a little jealous about the flowers they can grow there, lol.

    Thanks for sharing, and take care!

  8. So lovely to see all these pretty blooms. Thanks for taking us to the little show with you.

  9. I really love spring and a promise of better weather to come. The smaller nursery looks wonderful. I'm seeing small shoots of green peeking up, but we really need some rain.

  10. What a great trip!! Love those Easter baskets. Just warming up over here. Kit


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