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Friday, July 11, 2014

Market Basket - The Farmers Market

Hi, guys! Another market post this week. You know how I love outdoor markets!

Something to ponder, when one has nothing else to think about?---Market baskets.  I love the idea. Very French and chic, but maybe a bit too lah di dah for a pokey little market  by the beach?

My mother always harvested the veggie garden bounty in a favorite old brown willow basket. It looked very authentic and farm-y. But for the market I usually use my LL Bean totes or my current fave, this oilcloth market tote from Trader Joe's.


It easily wipes clean, it's lightweight but strong, and it's my favorite turquoise with lots of bright designs on it..But once home and taking photos, I had fun using this very beautiful handmade egg basket or butt basket, which I found by the flea market dumpster a few years ago.

            We're loving these small yellow summer squash. I just steam it  in the   microwave [3-4 minutes at the most!] with a bit of olive oil, not much water, drain well and toss with lemon pepper and shaved parm. Mmmmm---good!


             I bought the tiny carrots, below, to go with a batch of Swedish meatballs * I  made in case of rain. I think I'll scrub the baby carrots but leave a bit of green tops, then roast them in the oven with olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar and a teensy pinch of sugar or honey if you have some.
(T       (The creamy thing is ball of Italian cheese.)

I picked up more of these lovely oils and vinegars, at the request of friend who plans to give them as gifts. What great idea! Later in the summer I am going to buy a few bottles to hide away, for Christmas gifts. So delicious! Just wrap in a tea towel here and maybe tie with raffia? Perfect for foodie friends.

The flowers of the week were snapdragons, how cute is that!


I love any cut flowers but am especially fond of old-fashioned cottage garden flowers, like these frilly pastel snapdragons.

Or hydrangeas! Note the tea towel underneath. These feedsack nautical towels are sold at my supermarket! I bought a bunch for quilt backings, maybe?

 The baby sky blue hydrangeas are from a different market and I added a pink bloom from my potted plant by my door. Someone bumped it and I snipped it off to save it.
Have a great weekend! Be sure to tell me what you find at your farmers market or in your own garden? And/ or what you plan to cook.
And be sure to go out and look up at the July Full Moon, also called Thunder Moon. This moon is a super moon, as the moon is at its closest point to Earth on July 12/ 13/ 14.
gone to the beach
* Easy Swedish Meatballs
Make your favorite Italian meatball recipe BUT leave out the parm and and sub dill, caraway seeds, and tarragon for the usual basil/ oregano you use. Keep the parsley. (My recipe is ground beef, egg, parm, bread crumbs, herbs, black pepper, etc.) For the Swedish meatballs, if you have stale rye bread to oven dry and crumb, that's extra yummy, but not needed. Roll into balls about the size of golf balls. I oven cook mine, but you can saute and drain well instead.
Gravy--- jar or 2 of brown beef gravy, I think it is Heinz? Heat gently, stir in sour cream to taste. Add the meatballs. (Sauteed mushrooms optional).
Easy to make ahead and reheat. In the winter I serve them with spaetzle or wide noodles, and a dab of sour cream on top.