I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mistress Crow Loves Mr. Moon

Last winter I found a rusty spiral wire---bed spring?---on my beach. I knew right away it would become a "nodder" ,

...a strange primitive sort of folkart sculpture/ toy that dates back to America's 1800s. A sort of make-do, like whirligigs and pin keeps.

Nodders are the great grandaddy of modern bobble dolls. Probably you've seen a famous baseball player nodding on the dashboard of some guy's pick-up? Yep, that's a nodder...as are hula girls and nodding Garfield the cat dolls.

It took me ever so long to make the figures. I love  folkart images of Mr.Moon, the  man in the moon...so I knew my nodder should be a Moon and a crow for autumn.

I did a rough sketch on the paper pad I use for a mousepad. I made patterns, then found out that unless I wanted a huge moon, it would be difficult to attractively form his profile.

I decide to print a drawing on muslin...none of my 7" sketches looked at all as interesting as my small "remember this idea" doodle. So I blew it up to size, I figured our mirror reverse. I carefully attached muslin to printer paper, fed it in...bleh! The printer went wacko. And spit it out. Again and again and again...

Finally I had two sides. I trapunto'd Mr Moon's features, sewed and stuffed him. Added glo-in-the-dark inked details.

I dug a nice piece of driftwood from my stash., added an old brass keyhole cover...

Missy Crow was simpler!

Except I had no black cotton, finally used a napkin, lol. Her eyes dont't match but are wonderful old golden yellow buttons, one is Victorian glass, one the tiniest MOP in yellow.

She holds her heart in her beak, and pines for Mr. Moon.

Will love prevail?

I made two Missy Crows, as I often do, I always make extras.

This pretty dove or sparrow holds a tiny quilt scrap heart.

Her base is a giant plastic button from my newest button box purchase.  So she stands ever so nicely atop this Mason jar [but isn't attached permanently].

I also had the Eureka! moment for making Mason jars with tea lights...this is a primitive, scented wax votive from Michael's...battery operated, so it is safe if tucked int a bowl of potpourri. And of course will "burn'' even with the old zinc lid screwed on tight.

Golden candleight for a cold Autumn full-moon night.



gone to the beach....