I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Yet another Monday, friends! This evening it's 56*, foggy, with a 30 mph north wind blowing. The sky is dark, looks like it may pour at any moment, though experience insists that there is never heavy rain on dense fog days. Mo and I are cringing at even the thought of an evening walk.

June [and May] are perhaps the most unappealing months here at the beach, cold, grey and dismal. Excuse me for a minute while I put on warm windpants and dig out my parka again.
Okay, I'm back! Brrr. I've been busy in my sewing room but not working on quilts. Here's a pile of etsy things in work. "Summer Blues" and "Seaglass Hearts" collections, in lemon verbena and/ or lavender.

Mostly I've been working on a home decor project for good friends. I finished the bedroom pillow cases and duvet cover this weekend. Finally! The duvet cover was hard---king sized, 12 yards of fabric to wrestle through the machine, and partly because I ordered a very long zipper---72" ---and while I set it perfectly the first time there were a couple spots I had not caught the fold-back. Stupidly instead of just fixing  two 6" areas, I decided to redo the entire zipper. Downhill from there.

My friends' home is decorated entirely in shades of grey with white trim and a few accents of seaglass aqua. Anything I make for them has to be GREY. We looked for a good grey batik for months, then waited for a sale for a better price.

It's interesting to work in a different color palette, not my usual white  with accents/ blue. The light in my home is too harsh for grey but I love it in their home, so cool, clean, and serene.

Next I am doing sofa pillows, again batik from Hancock's, and a table runner in ikat from eQuilter.com. And perhaps linen napkins?  I found my little hemmer the other day.


This weekend my kids  hiked out to their favorite seaglass beach, a small secret beach that is only accessible for persons using the golf course. My son discovered it years ago when his ball flew off the green, over the seawall, and he decided to climb down to get it. The beach is only visible at very low tide, so  beachcombers have to time their visits just right. You can actually see the glass shards in the random photo, if you look closely.

The beach glass is amazing. The kids said all this was found in only 5 minutes.

And here is such a sweet little family, also loving the tiny secret beach. Swans!

I don't think I've ever seen a standing swan, always see them swimming only

They let the kids get fairly close to take pictures. Aren't the babies precious! Grey puffballs.

But then the parents hustled the babies off into the water for safety.


Speaking of precious [heheheh], here is Mo enjoying his daily brushing. He loves being brushed, especially likes his belly rubbed or brushed gently with the boar bristle brush. If he could purr he would.

Tonight's dinner is Thai peanut sauce buckwheat noodles with red sweet peppers, scallions, and tofu. I love tofu, it's hard to now think it is not good for you, sigh. I still use it now and then for meatless Mondays.

edit: here is a fairly balanced article on the pros and cons of eating soy/ tofu: HERE

have a great week.



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