I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Beach ~ Mid September


What a great weekend! You couldn't ask for more delightful summer days. A few puffy clouds, temps around 80*, crystalline waves with white foamy heads. [click on any photo for an enlarged slideshow!]

 Not a hint of autumn here, the days are bursting with sun and waves and high summer beauty. On Sunday morning I looked out at the sequin-sparkled waves and I thought the day was as perfect as a July  morning, before the endless August dog days, heat and dingy ennui of late summer doldrums.

The beach , our world here glistened. Come see!

Those who yearn for fall [or spring!] are a mystery to me! Putting up pumpkins the day after the 4th of July is [to me] the equivalent of putting up your Christmas tree on Labor Day, both four months ahead. Lotta living to do in those months! .I love Fall, in its place and time, but that time isn't now. I never rush the seasons, instead I try to savor each day's moments, sun or rain, clouds or winds or snow or mud. Otherwise we just hurry through our lives, eyes on some hopeful, hopeless thing to come.

Nature notes:

There have been whales in the waters just off my beach! I have been seeing dolphins but am excited to see the pod of whales. HERE  and here

On the deck, when all is sunny and quiet, I am seeing Monarch butterflies , attracted to my pink zinnias. I didn't cut the heads this week ["Cut and Come Again" variety], to give the Monarchs the fuel for their journey. I also saw a small yellow green pair of birds on the sunflower heads! Warblers of some sort, migrating? And best thrill, a hummingbird, also attracted to my tall zinnias.

And yes, maybe one inkling of Fall, the beach birds are forming flocks and i am seeing large groups of ''blackbirds" [starlings], and pigeons and doves, then crows in threes and fours, too. The shorebirds are also forming flocks, though they will not leave until October. A few Vs of ducks and geese too, not going anywhere, just circling the dunes.

I read my Celia Lewis nature book installment for September last night. It is wonderful, all about hedgerows, how very English. And owls! No hedgerows here though and only winter's snowy owls, but I enjoy the books anyway. I am saving the shore book til October, to [re]read its Autumn chapters.

have a great week!



gone to the beach.....

***Some of the close up waves photos are by my friend LK who has shared them with us today, thanks!