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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Little Quilt Sewalong and Tech Difficulties


Good evening, friends. I am just checking in briefly [EDITED. Pictures may be visible now?] ---I'm having a lot of issues with new phone/ old computer. I cannot get photos from my phone now, so what I am showing you are a few I emailed to myself. My blog relies on photos and I am very distressed about the issues I'm having. 

 Below is the start of my Humble Quilts sewalong. I discarded all my previous choices, due to criticism and, well, nevermind. I decided to go ahead and do the project, not to ''cut off my nose to  spite my face," as my dad so charmingly always said.

I wanted to do a red Christmas quilt, but didn't have the needed center focal fabric. In my stash, the turkey red floral is the only 4" motif that fit. Disregard the red and white bird toile behind the sewalong block, just for frame/ color.,
Part two posted by Lori tomorrow! 


Mo had a sleepover with friends. He matches their decor!

If I can't post, I'll try to at least check in, and or email me at lizzzz.d@gmail.com



gone to the beach....