I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day and Button Sorting...how---fun!

Hello everyone! Yes, we are again having yet another snow day at The Beach! This is very unusual...and disconcerting!--- despite its first-falling white pristine beauty.

Snow becomes tedious when the last drifts are still snarling iceberg-like on all the  streets. And my local grocery shelves are sadly bare. There were only two---TWO!---boxes of spaghetti on the shelf---and no toilet paper at all. (Lucky for us, we went to the big-box store during last week's snow and ice.)

Anyway since my family efficiently dispersed themselves to their snow day destinations well in advance of this current storm, I am home alone with my provisions and a nice quiet bit of time to watch TiVo'd "What Not to Wear" and "Hawaii Five-0" episodes while I sort through a big tin of vintage buttons that was my last flea market buy in December.

I bought the tin for a dollar, on a frigid grey Sunday. The dealer kindly threw in his other two containers of buttons and seemed happy y to get my dollar. I took the tin home and set it in the crafts closet til after the holidays....

Now, as I first began sorting I kinda could see why the dealer was happy enough with his dollar from me: anything "good" had already been removed from this stash of basic, mundane vintage sew-thrus.

I almost decided to toss them all, but sorted again, setting aside the many dozens (very sweet!) of tiny, real mother-of-pearl flower buttons and some doll sized little dark pearl buttons.

 Then I looked again (snowing, you know?) and found some fun color assortments...

in my colors...

And some for clients who like navy or purple tones...

And some charming beads [top right], including a mammoth pearl![top left] Two c. 1940s pennies and a German "nickel". And one lone perfect, tiny metal and pave' rhinestone beauty, smaller than your little fingernail.

I use the buttons on my hearts:

white Valentine hearts, on eBay now and etsy soon!
 The rest of the buttons and the tin were listed and sold! on eBay, how fun...much nicer than throwing them into the bin!  Very useful for a home sewer or crafter and I think the price was right.

Lotta entertainment for that dollar, hmmmm? Now if I can just get the tin of buttons to the post office........



[gone to the beach]