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Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Spring Farmers Market

Hi guys! Good week so far? Yesterday was opening day of the Wednesday farmers market in town. It was a quiet grey day and the market seemed to have caught the vibe.

But I was excited and actually got there early. The market now has strange new hours, I just am baffled : 10 AM to 2 PM Then 4-7 PM, every Wednesday. What? Are the vendors gonna stay but be closed? Siesta time? Or new vendors will arrive. Or what.
I'm not fond of early in the day food shopping. I always grocery shop last thing in my errands list. Otherwise you end up with a car full of spoiled food. Or you have to rush home and get everything in the fridge?
When I lived in Brooklyn Heights, years ago, I loved it that in the summer the farmers market was still fresh and busy when I came out of the subway after work. I remember bunches of ruby red baby radishes, as if it was yesterday. Better than roses, I thought at the time.
Next week I'm going to check out the evening hours, see what that's about.

There was very little produce, but the asparagus was exceptional. I steamed this bunch and put a little butter and lemon pepper and we gobbled it up. The stalks are as thick as your thumb, that's the best tasting kind.

Some folks like the very thin shoots, but to me that tastes grassy. My dad used to tell us the thin shoots very fresh new baby shoots, but I now understand that's incorrect. There are simply two or more different hybrids, some are slender, some are chubby.
Asparagus is like pugs: chubby is best! LOL

No flowers, no herbs, no garden seedlings. Some lettuce and some greenhouse heirloom tomatoes. Mostly the vendors were selling things like honey and cheese and wine; eggs and yogurt.

I liked this guy's display with the old milk bottle carrier and red checked oilcloth.

He sold wine and cheese; all we'll need for deck time this summer.

I chose a Camembert from him.

There's also an old school bus with herbs and spices. I'll pick a few to try next time. They look tasty. I use a lot of spices in my cooking. Note the lovely pickling spice, second from the right. Gotta have for my pickles.

And way off in the corner was my old friends from Cobble Hill in Brooklyn.

I got fresh mozzarella and handmade parpardelli [egg noodles] from them.

This is a fun new vendor. She sells doggy treats and adorable little hand knit doggy sweaters. Maybe next time I'll bring Mo so he can try on a sweater. I was being cheap yesterday because I'm hoarding my spending money for the Flea. I got him yummy sweet potato bones for his busy box though.

I have a friend coming to visit in a few weeks. I'm thinking she'll enjoy a dinner picked here at the market: the wine and cheese, of course. Then artisan bread/ olive oil. And fresh pasta with spring veggies and cheese. Does that sound good? And girly? I'll make us lemon bars for dessert.

And so the season of hospitality and beach guests and ''cocktails'' at sunset begins. Finally. My winter quiet is ending, I'm a bit sad? But I'm wearing shorts! Yes right now a I type. Summer is looming, be here soon. (52* foggy. Wind from SSE at 18 mph)

What did you find at the market, or grocery store. Anything special?



gone to the beach.