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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Out and About ~ Our Exciting Trip to Walmart

Good evening! It's been a perfect July day. 78* and sunny.

Today, to kill time while my car was serviced, my friend and I went out and discovered Walmart! We'd never been to a Walmart before. In fact we didn't know there was a Walmart hiding behind the big Target we go to all the time. LOL.

Interesting! It seems Walmart is HUGE, busy, cheap and chaotic.

It makes Target look like Saks Fifth Avenue.

But fun to explore anyway. Who could pass up tee shirts for less than 6.00.

I ''collect'' white tee shirts for housework, because I am the Queen of Clorox and this way I don't ruin my  nice brightly colored or black tees.

And then polka dots, aaawww.

Little square bowl, for ? Just because--salad, ice cream, prep bowl, Mo dish. Love plain white porcelain.

And then! Imagine this--Walmart sells fabric, even in NY. Who knew?

Yes, Mel has gotten me great fabric from her KS Walmart but I was surprised.

Picked up a couple cute souvenir fat quarters.

Oh and aisles of pickling supplies. All kinds of jars and spices and salts, at okay prices. I hope I get to make some pickles this summer.

Walmart---maybe 2 stars, for the pickling supplies and fabric? Also the cashiers were fast but pleasant and the very mixed ethnicity customers were good humored, even friendly. [in NY!! hahaha, home of surly shoppers and rude checkout persons.]
We still had to use up another oil change hour so we went on to Joann's. Looking for blues for Bitty.

Can't start a project without a trip to the fabric store, can I?

I picked up a yard of this adorable dot, reminds me of Cotton & Steel's blueberry print that I didn't get a few years ago.

And I never have a good selection of blue threads, so I just chose an assortment.

Most are silk thread, I always like to try new things and I had read somewhere that silk thread is good for needleturn applique?

And I fell in love with this oh so soft squishy pale shell pink ''alpaca'' bulky yarn.

It's lovely and will make a sweet warm scarf or cowl, my purple cowl is almost done and I may soon be able to sit and watch TV and knit, maybe this fall.

BUT the label really is misleading.

The very fine print on the back---which I couldn't see without my reading glasses---admits to 80% acrylic, only 20% aplaca, at 9.98 a skein. (I'm a bit of a yarn snob.). The price should have clued me in, but the label...?

We drove home by the back route, the ocean looks so lovely!

PS I promised Kel I'd show off the fishing floats in the new from Target granite-ware bowl.

I don't love it, the glass doesn't show off like it does in the wire basket.

An aha moment---the floaties and wire basket were fine, but they were too big for my table. Off to the pine bench instead.
When I got home Mo had ice cream and then we worked on sewing the four million yoyo rosettes onto Summertime. Cute, though, aren't they?

Have a good rest of the week. Tell me--are you a fan of Walmart? Target? Neither  or maybe both?

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Ice cream won't fix that."