I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Flea Market....

Hello! The weather is still quite warm, a more reasonable 70's though!
With a wonderful big "changes" wind blowing and bright sunshine...so...off to the flea market today.
And I did some early autumn home decorating when I got home....

Years ago I had a small but nice collection of 19th century stoneware crocks and fruit jars. They didn't "go" with my beachy look at the time so I lent the best  ones (extensive cobalt blue decorations) to my parents who also collected stoneware. And when my parents passed away and their collections were auctioned up on Cape Cod, my crock collection got sold along with. Hmmmm....

Anyway I still like the primitive look of stoneware, especially in the fall. So I've been buying a few very very very inexpensive modern pieces at the flea markets now and then.

This is my newest item, a salt glaze pitcher, from Germany. Again, my parents had lovely antique German crocks that I believe were from my grandparents' or great-grandparents' homes.

This is the same sort of style, but modern. You can see how the American potters of the 1800s brought their craft from Germany and Switzerland just as their wives brought their colorful ''Pennsylvaina Dutch" [ie German] quilting styles.

This small squat pitcher resonated with my memories and the price was right at  $5.oo!

This is perhaps the first crock/ jar I ever bought. It is from the Kane County Flea Market in Illinois.

It was too plain for my dad's taste so I kept it and it did not get sold.  

Now it holds my  sunflower crop that I am drying for my little winter birds who visit.

A newish piece, from Salmon Falls Pottery. I love the chickens!

Filled with beach grasses until I get my pumpkin set out.

And the tall pitcher from a few  weeks ago. It to is waiting, for me to go out to the marsh and cut an armload of invasive but so pretty (I am careful with it) bittersweet.

This was my mother's favorite plain crock or small churn. It was a souvenir from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She liked to imagine it travelling west in a covered wagon...

And she filled it with hydrangeas every fall.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend....Did you buy your pumpkins!? Some candy corn or Indian corn?

We were too lazy but we did buy our fall bulbs and also our forcing bulbs for next January. Now is the time, plan ahead!


gone to the beach....