I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Autumn, Part Two Textures and Brilliant Color

Hi! [continuing from Friday] ~ All is not soft and drab. Away from the beach there are hints of Fall  charm. As Mo and I walk each afternoon, tiny of pops of color can be found if I look carefully in the dunes edges and back gardens. There is extra joy in finding red rose hips, or dry magenta hydrangea heads.

 Morning glories continue to bloom and spread seeds and smiles. 

Below is an infinity scarf I knitted, inspired by the deep blues and purples of Fall at the beach. Malabriga Yarn, "Violetta" and variegated purple and blue recycled sari silk yarn. [NYC, Hurricane Sandy souvenir]

Perhaps the scarf echoes the landscape of the beach?

My friend modelling for us. The Malabriga yarn is so soft, silk and alpaca I think.

More purple inspiration, late blooming petunias peeking through the grey wooden fence.

  Then too I find bits of red and orange. Tiny tomatoes on a lingering vine, doing quite well for November!

Red rose hips, golden rose leaves.

 Bright creamy feather heads of grasses.

Or these, with a hint of lavender-color in the seed heads.

Soft pink hydrangeas, a different kind:

Marigolds thrive in November.

I can imagine a new eternity scarf in the brilliant orange with pops of begonia pink! That would warm up a winter day, wouldn't it .  HERE Malabriga worsted, "Sunset'' and ''BerryBerry''

More of the weird purple berries! [Callicarpa, or Beauty Bush.]

 Blog friend Penny from South Africa suggests  stripping the leaves and displaying the purple berry branches in an aqua Bourne pottery jug! Now I wish I could cut some, but they're in someone's yard!

Image result for Bourne pottery jug aqua

 Mo is snuggly these days.

But he also enjoys his walks more on cooler days.

He is quite puzzled by this 2-D pug who won't play with him.

Driftwood pumpkins.

 Do you enjoy walking outdoors, searching for each seasons' hints and whispers? Do you look for each month's full moon and count of the passing of the months and years?



gone to the beach....