I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Adventures of Mo

Hi! In the past few weeks, as summer finally fades away and life gets quieter here at the beach, Mo has seemed a bit lonely, in need of canine companionship. Quilting is boooring, mommy, he whines.

Today it was cool enough to take him to the dog park. Finally. He saw me get his water bottle and my car key and he scampered fast as he can to my car.
Sniff sniff, he checked a couple of other white SUVs parked nearby but, darn!---he sat right down by my Jeep and waited to be buckled into his car seat. How does he know? Scent, maybe?
He always thinks the dog park will be more fun than it is.
There were no little doggies in the small run so I had to let him into the big dog run. At first he was fine but the big dogs---just playing!---chased him, and he got scared. His tail uncurled and he was bug eyed.
We'll keep trying. It's so funny to see Mo with ''regular'' dogs, like today's Labs and collies--he looks like another species entirely.

The dog run is pretty nice, set in the dunes, the ocean is just behind the sea grasses here.   Well, sort of---the actual water is about a half mile away, just like at my house.

I always say that ''peak color'' for Fall occurs here between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. The leaves are beginning to turn now.

Look at this blue sky!

More blue, a confused late blooming hydrangea.

And the morning glories are ---well, in their glory. The leaves may shrivel but the vines bloom profusely until December at least. They love the cooler days.

Mo finds the falling leaves a bit puzzling. Maybe they smell of birds or squirrels.

Our wild kitties are more visible, now that it's quieter.

Stripey, who must be at least 10 years old now.
We also saw Smokey,
who is the grown up child of Stripey and Kitty---
but the other cats were mean
and chased him away!

Baby Spook. She's new.
She lives near the koi pond.

And look who is back!

Mr Mockingbird, again rules from the tip top of the ugly locust tree or the neighbors' pine. I believe they nest in the bayberry trees in the dunes in the summer, but he returns each Fall and winter. He too has been coming around for many years. I put out dried cranberries on my deck and he even visited one afternoon, as I sewed on my It's a Crock. I was thrilled, he was only a few feet away, oblivious to me and Mo.

Back home Mo had to take a nap. Immediately,lol.

And I made an apple/ carrot/ walnuts salad. I used light mayo and a fuji apple vinaigrette from Panera. 

We can add turkey or chicken if anyone wants to make this a meal. I love it for snacks too.

Hope your week is good. Remember to slow down sometimes and enjoy the little things passing by.



gone to the beach

PS The flea was busy and it was a beautiful day, but not a treasure to be had. Next time? Hope springs eternal...