I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Garden Peeping Again

Hi! Thanks to everyone who visited my etsy shop and especially to friends who found a few treasures! It was definitely time to ''clean house'' and I'm looking forward to new things.
Now back to our regularly schedules program:
I've reached a plateau in my ongoing recuperation it seems.  I am trying so hard---I now walk Mo twice a day, and some days three times, totaling about 2 - 2.5 miles. The first walk of the day is very difficult; I suppose muscles and nerves relax overnight. Unfortunately this is Mo's favorite time for his longest walk and as I said, it has been a challenge. But that doesn't stop us from our fav snoopy habit, garden peeking! Or peeping!

June begins with lovely rhododendron blooms and iris.

Yellow seems to be the favorite color iris here. Classic bearded iris, like we used to dig up in old farmyards in Illinois.

And elegant yellow flags, Japanese iris.

This is cotoneaster in bloom. One of my favorite low shrubs/ ground covers. I love the dark leaves and shiny red berries that will show up in the fall. My dad used it extensively at Christmas, along with holly, for traditional red and green live cuttings/ decorations.

Peonies, so delicate, petals the like finest silk.

And cheerful sweet scented pinks, under an old crabapple tree.

Then the snake wort blooms. It's invasive and ugly, but oh these shades of blue.

And short lived but so sweet, lily of the valley, in a neighbor's yard.

As June progresses, the masses of roses burst into bloom. Roses love ocean air and grow profusely everywhere, both wild and cultivated.

The lilies are growing fast, for early July bloom.

Here's a deep red-rust Asiatic lily, an early bloomer.

This is an area Mo and I enjoy. There are grassy plots to cool off his little feet. And sprinklers!

Then other days we go as far as the private alley to the beach.

It's perking up and getting prettier every day.

Mo is a shade hog. He finds any patch of coolness. Today was really too hot for him. I had to spray his tummy and feet with cool water. He was indignant but cooler.

Because yes, the weather finally changed! One day 50* , the next almost 90*. Quite a shock to our cold weather bodies.

Mo is for some reason very interested in these sweet old fashioned columbines. He never passes them without a sniff-sniff.

Evenings we often visit our beach bench to watch the sunset. Pretty planters at the the beach access ramp, from our civic association.

Hope your week is good!



gone to the beach...

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