I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer's Bounty at The Farmers market

Hi everyone!

Much as I---we all---love white, it is NOT the color of high summer's precious produce, warm and sweet and oh so brilliantly colored.

I brought my market basket home and stuck all my lovely vegs in a big old white ironstone bowl. Set it on a scrap of indigo sunflowers from a recent project...

Isn't beautiful!

The colors are just so intense, so rich...

Lucky for me my family will happily eat any and all veggies I toss their way. These pretties were destined for an oven roasted ratatouille, from the local paper: here.
OMG, I got a good laugh, because the website has a video. Now for some strange reason I thought the "Pam Anderson" chef was Pamela Anderson, you know, Baywatch babe, etc? Like a celebrity chef newspaper column? And just now I spent two or three minutes trying to make the nice chef lady be, well, Pamela Anderson...at home without makeup. LOL! Not!

So back to the overn roasted ratatouille....Oh okay, I admit it, I don't have an oven. Secretly I hate to cook and so I haven't shelled out the thousand or so big bucks to get a new one. (Yes, yes, I suppose...by Thanksgiving? I will have to get an oven. sigh)...My old one rusted through, just one of the joys of oceanfront living---your appliances rust away to scrap.

So I started the eggplant in the microwave while I diced the rest of the vegetables: Green and yellow squash, red cippolini onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, peppers. I put them in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil, high heat, no water so they browned nicely.

Added the eggplant,  a handful of my fresh garden herbs. Stirred, covered, turned off the stove...
The ratatouille looked right and caramelized nicely but it didn't at all taste like my mom's wonderful stew she'd make all August and September when we lived in Illinois and Daddy had a huge garden....Not sure what she did different (probably used good white wine and sugar, lol!)

It made a nice Friday night supper served with garlic parmesan couscous and optional Italian sweet sausage  for the very hungry...We ate it all up, so no pix this time.

have a great weekend! Enjoy all the local goodness from the markets if you can!



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