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Monday, October 13, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

where I live- The Beach

Hi everyone! I have been invited to join the Around the World Blog Hop, by Lori of Humble Quilts. I was thrilled because Lori is, well, sort of my hero in the world of quilting-blogland. Lori's blog has had a huge influence on me---Lori's quiltalongs made quilting fun for me again. I know you'll enjoy her blog. http://humblequilts.blogspot.com/
Doll quilts from Lori's quiltalongs:

So anyway, I'm supposed to answer questions!  Hmmm...I think if you're a regular reader here, this may be stuff you already know, but here goes.
What am I working on?

I'm not a quilter or crafter who has  piles of unfinished work. I'm big on [even self-imposed] deadlines and getting things done. But I am SLOW. I have two work categories: collecting/ planning and in-work. Since I often use antique quilt blocks or tops and antique fabrics, I can ''collect'' on a project for years.
This is Cheddar Baskets Strippy:

vintage blocks

I haven't found the right cheddar ground fabric yet. I want it to be towards the goldenrod spectrum not pumpkin-y.

This is a late 19th century top [1875-1900?] I am working on. It is very long and narrow, needs the blocks rearranged and the borders reset so they aren't ruffles. It may be hard to unsew, as it is very strongly hand pieced with backstitching. But I love the assorted prints so I'll see.
''Chimney Sweep"?
I am smitten by the pink tiny polkadot sashing! Adorable!

This is an eBay find. All it needs is a custom quilter or hand quilter to finish. I will carefully launder it only after it is quilted and bound.(With a Red Wing yelloware bowl from my collection):

antique ''Sunflowers'' top
I call this long term project Mr. Sunshine (Celestial Dreams from Glorious Quilts, photo by permission).
Pattern Photo: Celestial Dreams

It has what for me is intricate and difficult appliqué, so it's a challenge.

And this is my main focus right now, keeping up with Lori's quiltalong, Jan Patek's Quilts of the American Revolution.  aka Flags.

I always have to find my motivation: this quilt is in memory of my dad who loved Americana and who made wooden Stars and Stripes to hang on Cape Cod cottages. I treasure the two I now own.
I also have turned this into a bit of a friendship quilt. Some of the blocks are being made or finished by friends. They'll initial and date their blocks which will make Flags an extra special keepsake for me.
How does my work differ from others?

I'm sure this is absolutely NOT unique, but I often use antique or vintage fabrics. I'm a thrifter and beachcomber who constantly hunts for treasure which I incorporate into my etsy shop items.
vintage dressed dolly:
Beachcombed wooden keg lid, recycled as a wooden sign:
Found bottles with shell stoppers:

Reclaimed quilts scrap sewing needfuls/ emeries:

So in my etsy shop you might find a Santa wearing a quilt remnant cloak, or an angel wearing an antique christening gown with driftwood wings and a beach fence wire halo. Or even beach-found fabric mixed into a quilt.
below, dolls wearing H Sandy-found fabric and bells....

in private collection

I make heart sachets and dream pillows, always filled with Cape Cod lavender, as designed by my mom when I was a little girl. My mom couldn't sew so we used vintage hankies. Now I search the fleas and thrift shops for tattered white linens and antique fabrics to rescue and reuse.

found object lockets/ jewelry: 
not available

Why do I write/create what I do?
Creative projects add focus and energy to my life---and it's fun!
During the years I was a fashion designer in NYC I had little time for anything creative outside work, and that creativity always had dollar signs tied to it, figuratively speaking. (Heidi Klum is right: one day you're in, the next...well.) And you're only as good as your newest best seller. It's a difficult, soul-sucking career, even though I loved it.
When I moved to the beach for a simpler life I rediscovered my love of nature and crafting. And so I ''make stuff'', mostly just for me or to share via etsy. I can't imagine life without a book to read, a quilt to sew, a hat to knit---kids and a puppy to love, a tasty dinner in the oven. That's me

How does my writing/creating process work?
I love to write! Sometimes I write stories, like the Christmas story at the top of my main page. I plan my blog stories around my photography; I take photos very day with two less than wonderful cameras. And love the shooting and editing. My words come to me as I walk on my beach or when I am driving. Prob'ly I talk too much so I edit-edit-edit.
My far-out dream is to illustrate and publish my stories as children's books.

Now to pass on our Around the World bloggy torch I have three wonderful bloggers to introduce to you. Two of them are from far far away, and the first---Kit, in Montana, seems pretty far away to this east coast girl.
A Montana Life: Kit's blog is about joy. And life. It always makes me smile.

 T's Daily Treasures Tammy is an American who lives in the Middle East. She shares her world and her thoughts; she is a talented crocheter and artist.
Dorothy'sThreads of Life--Dorothy is all the way off in Australia! She makes the most stunning quilts, her work is superb and inspiring.
Enjoy your visits! Say Hi for me:


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