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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Flower Show

Hi! Come, walk with me through the annual spring flower show. It's always so beautiful on a dull grey March day, sure to raise our winter-dull spirits. click on any photo for full screen / slideshow.

28 years! We went on a snowy Monday morning to avoid crowds.

The entry area is always special, this year featuring heather, pansies and Lenten "roses".

The display area was much smaller this year. I'm sure this show is very expensive to set up, and it is free. Lovely anyway. The focus was mostly high summer planting, a whiff of good times to come.

Unusual bright yellow azaleas, like mammoth forsythia.

They make even ho-hum geraniums look wonderful.

Zen garden miniature evergreens and reeds.

Then from the spiritual to the amusing, lots of garden gnomes!

An entire cottage or bungalow, with  a fully landscaped yard and a bronze Scottie dog. I liked the dark eggplant purple door and sage clapboards.


This jade tree must be a hundred years old, it's huge. Stems as thick as my wrist.

Water features, koi pond and waterfall. Oh I wish the koi pond we visit would add surrounding some plantings like this.

Home veggies gardens and bee friendly flowers.

This was kind of cool, a fairly small box, 4' square?, with densely planted veggies and herbs.

The show was not very Easter-y this year, but lots of bunnies and birds' nests....



I loved this garben bunny, he looks just like Mo!

For our own gardens, fave Elephant Ears. What a diverse selection!

And the seeds I had so much fun with last summer:

Here's a different choice, too.

This area is the retail planting greenhouses, where you can buy already blooming spring flowers, in flats, for your garden, in case you forgot to plant bulbs or have squirrels or deer who eat bulbs.

Have a good week--- look for signs of spring! I saw daffodils with yellow buds, masses of snowdrops, and a crow with a sprig of beach grass in his beak, already building his nest.

March 31, second Blue Full Moon of the year, be sure to look up.



gone to the beach.....

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