I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 23, 2018

Nothing Much

Happy Friday! Today's blog is "about nothing"---anyone remember the old Seinfeld episode about the TV show about nothing, lol.  It's been a quiet week here at the beach, grey, drizzling, not too cold, but not warm either---35, 40*? I noticed the city was very warm, almost 70* one day. I thought I'd have Fall Festival to show you guys today, but no. I am working intentionally slowly, measuring each piece many times. My ''word'' of the past year and for 2018 is good craftsmanship, and I think it shows in FF.

The beach is foggy and desolate, but the spring cleanup earth movers have arrived already. They started early, Feb 15 instead of March 1. Maybe all my complaints about scaring the migratory endangered birds has paid off? Oystercatchers will return March 17! Plovers April 1st.

I'm always wary of walking on the beach when the trucks are working. Last year they ran over someone, in a town nearby! Sure they paid him a few million bucks but still.

New candle for March: "Happiness", a mix of bergamot and mandarin. I love it, though I'm not thrilled with the jar , too dark.

And I treated myself to a trial 3 pack of perfumes from PHLUR. $18.oo. here I love the idea of an aware and ecologically good perfume company with natural ingredients. Not crazy about the scents themselves though, or the name Hepcat, yeeesh. Bad choice, they just could have called it Brooklyn instead? I have worn Angel from Thierry Mugler for years and it's hard to change. I love perfume and wear it daily, just a light spritz, even on days I'm home alone in old sweats. Like brushing my teeth, just something I do.

The flowers of the week are pussy willows. I went to a different market and they had these exceptionally lovely grey velvet plushy branches. Usually the PW branches are scrawny and rustic--- yes, charming, but not gorgeous like these.

 Ten stems $3.oo.

I like winter-y branches. Mo and I collect them after windy days. Sometimes they flower or sprout tiny leaves, you never know.

Even if not, the linear dark lines appeal to my eyes.

I am learning to use my new "Rolls Royce" printer. I bought special fabric paper pages for it. Here is the first  label.

Too expensive though, I think it was 14.99 for 4 sheets of printer fabric. Is that possible? More experimentation is needed.
Thinking ahead, once Fall Festival is done---I have had requests from etsy customers for more of my velvet strawberries w silver caps or handles., so if you would like one pls let me know!

Then, when FF is done, I can begin new projects! I joined an online group to make this beautiful quilt this year.

I haven't dared start yet though. The project includes the option of buying a monthly kit. It's fun to see what someone else chooses and so far the fabrics are lovely. I always have wanted to make a Feathered Star block, but I think it was the inspirational words on the corners that sold me. Lots of nice applique for next summer on the beach, too.

I won't try to keep up with the group, of course. lol. Did I tell you about the Block of the Month [different project] group on FB, I had to resign? They kick you out if you do not make each month's block on time!? How anal is that!--- I can't think of any nicer way to put it. So I bowed out; I have the pattern anyway, I just would have enjoyed seeing other peoples' work.
I'm also still dithering about Antebellum Album colorways. The taupe is eliminated. Blue the front runner.

For the person (Denno / Denise) who asked me about the Covered Wagon fabric, you are a NO Reply blogger! I put ordering info on the blog post you wrote to me. Right now I do not have scraps as it will be the backing of WW, using full length and width til trimmed---and it is very costly to mail to Australia. Fat Quarters Shop will sell you a one yard for under 9.oo USD and mail it, they're set up for international shipping. I am sorry I am not, even for a freebie. Send me your email though if you want me to contact you when my quilt is finished; it could be months though.

Today's chores include mending socks and nightgowns, pinching pennies here! But mostly I mend socks because I can no longer find the soft puffy ankle socks I love. I also have to do alterations on Mo's newer raincoat. You can see his opinion of a walk in the sleety rain, below.

The newer raincoat is too long and he can't potty with it on, poor little man. It also had armholes like sleeves! This one has sleeves too.

How many dogs will let you put them into a coat w plastic sleeves, so stupid. Not Mo, he cries.

So I better get busy here,  I'll see you all soon. Have a good weekend.



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