I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 9, 2019

Beach Cottage ~ Midsummer Re-dos and Style Changes

Hi everyone! The past few days I've been changing things around just a bit here at the beach. I love summer but it drags on endlessly through October, so by mid-August I am ready for a change. But not a PUMPKIN change.

My bedroom is simple and mostly white except the blue painted Shaker blanket chest and blue six-board chest. So it lends itself to any color I want to feature. Here I have veered off my usual blua and white runway into a bright and cheery tropical look.

 Pineapple coverlet, flamingo pillow cases, Beach Umbrellas quilt, bright roses throw pillow. Plain white linens on the bed.

This textile is a recent thrifting find, a butter yellow washed twill, with a classic Ralph Lauren flag tag.

I think it's a tablecloth, but it could be a bed topper, used on top of my white comforter to collect Mo-hair.

Usually I use a white ruffled flat sheet. This allows me to lift off just the sheet to wash or shake out, and supposedly keeps dust bunnies of Mo down in check. [hahahahah]. Or I may cut the piece up for pillow shams that go on my stacks of pillows. 

In the living room I put away all the red/white/ and blue patriotic accents. Everything is simple, cool blue and white.

The coffee table features a white ironstone platter with lovely candles, tropical scents.

Pineapple board for clutter, like remotes and wine glasses.

Nothing took much effort and having a small change can ward off the August doldrums. Though I imagine the bedroom will be back to blue and white by the next sheet change.


Friday Flea report: The tent had darling dishes for a quarter, but no. Inside a row of wonderful prim stoneware jugs, very large, 10.oo each. Not particularly old-old, but HUGE, like 10 or 15 gallon. Maybe Red Wing,c. 1920-40? They would look really great on my pine bride's bench but they were very dirty and I just couldn't pay 50.oo or cope with what might be luring inside. Jugs have those closed tops, unlike crocks. So, no. And---no  coffee tables! I even had a few guys around ready to help me bring them home.


Mo had a sleepover last week. I got a text: " He insists on belly rubs!"

Later, "He took my space in the bed!"

Have a good weekend!



gone to the beach......