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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hydrangeas in April...with Ruffles

Blue skies! And a winter project finally done...hooray!
Seems that ruffles are very "in" right now....

so I am happy to have finished my hydrangea blue ....

cashmere scarf in time for the chilly spring days at the flea market.


It was very hard to knit!
I am a "busy hands"-type knitter. I like to have something to occupy myself when I watch TV or have visitors  or  dull waits at the doctor or dentist.

And I am slow. The hard part was the increased 600 stitches at the end of the project, the stitches that create the ruffles. I ended up using three loooong circular needles to handle all the stitches. Still made my hands ache though. The resulting ruffles are, I think, very cute though, aren't they.

The result is nice but the scarf is also difficult to wear, lol. What does one DO with all these ruffles, anyway? I had picked up the turquoise cashmere-worsted blend, below in the bowl, to make another version as a future gift. But I think I will simply make a lovely long muffler with the ruffles at each end. Now that I learned how to make ruffles...which is a fun thing. (And short row knitting, a  popular technique right now.)

Oh are you wondering about the big blue sky at the beginning of this post? When I went out to the grocery store today, as I was getting in my car, I looked up and saw this very unusual flock of very large migrating birds.They were soaring and wheeling, high in the spring sky, fighting the strong winds from the northwest.  Eagles? Buzzards? (Unlikely.) Perhaps they are hawks....



                 gone to the beach :-)

PS The scarf was a download from Ravelry called Just Enough Ruffles, the link is on the original post from last summer. The yarn was ....? maybe not cashmere, alpaca? whatever...ask me if you want the info.