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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Keeping Busy ~ Santa's Workshop

Hello, everyone! Omg, it is sooo cold. Global warming is gonna be a hard sell, with such frigid temps so early in December. I had to wear my hated heavy winter parka all week!It is so hard to zip and must weigh 40 pounds! And this is the second time I had to dig out my car from the snow. Already!

Mo flat refused to go out again this afternoon for his dinner walk. He seems fine with his potty stations, one on the deck, one indoors. He doesn't like to ''go'' indoors but I have taught him because I  cannot walk him safely in bad stormy weather.

 Here he is channeling his inner ''Doug the Pug, media star''! [Doug often wears human beanie hats and looks sad.] Great hat, from Mel.

I finished my big custom etsy order. My client is headed off to Europe for the holidays. Isn't that  fun!
I sat down and gathered the scraps from that project and pieced together the bits to form a few  Nordic Christmas Hearts.

I love them.

I always enjoy the cobbled-together hearts, the ones made with tiny but loved bits and trim-offs, the most of anything I make.

These are already wrapped, but can be opened and scented if anyone wants that. I often offer the choice: scent or no scent, as many are allergic or sensitive to fragrances. If I add scent I use all organic essential botanical oils.

I also quickly added a magnet and a great button to my little thrifted crescent dish. Plus a sweet strawberry. Fun if someone has a sewer or quilter who needs a last minute gift.

I have decided  to test the eBay waters again and list a few of my collection of prim Pennsylvania cooky cutters. This is a scissors! So Rare!

And I know foxes are popular right now. Not my fave critter, though, so I will maybe part with my Fox cutter.

I do not specifically know the dates of these cooky cutters but they're old and handcrafted and while in great condition, they are intrinsically primitive. I found them in a grungy cooky tin at the flea years ago, a few modern and even plastic cutters mixed in. The seller said  that he bought them in PA, end of info. NY flea dealers are NOT chatty, ha ha.

That's it for Christmas, except a few gifts to finish. I'm a bit sad and annoyed this year, I miss my parents, my kids are growing up, and so on. Most of my decorations are ''lost '' under my bed, as I cannot lift the mattress to open the storage space. And to add insult to injury, I saw a doctor yesterday who had the nerve to tell me I should exercise more. A year ago I couldn't walk at all unaided or bend or lift anything, could barely stand---and he is not the doctor who is treating my inflammatory issues, but just an insurance primary care shill. I was beyond mad, what does he know? To walk Mo twice a day is a miracle to me. I was crushed to be criticized like that. [sorry, just had to vent!]

So back to fun stuff! I linked my etsy shop to FB. Will that be an obnoxious mistake? Or good merchandising?  I'll see!
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas holiday season!



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