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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pokeberry Quilt Update

Hi guys! Weekend frenzy has subsided. I set out my PB blocks today. I got a lot done at the beach!

Book cover for comparison. [by Jan Patek]

Book Cover

This quilt, so far!---is going fast. Either it's quite simple or I'm getting better at the applique, or the wool applique is easier. Whatever the reason, it feels rewarding.

I'll remove the birdies' eyes before quilting.
I like them to have faces.

I do know the pokes will take lots of time.

The left hand circles aren't entirely sewed, they extend over that seam.

I listened to everyone's advice and needle turned the silk and velvet berries. The velvet is surprisingly easy to work with.

We had a bit of rain one morning and I got my little Flag quilt made!

From Temecula Quilt Company, a freebie pattern.

Backing is a cute drab ditsy from my friend BJ.

I found a blue painted driftwood stick and stuck the flag in my crock collection.

I actually made two of the little quilts. One will go into Pokeberries.The stripes aren't so even because I used strips I had on hand. I usually include a Stars and Stripes somewhere on each of my quilts. This one will go above a small[er] House block that I plan to sub for the church block. [middle right in cover photo].

It will be embroidered with the date, a little souvenir of a fun weekend.

I also subbed an antique quilt block that I particularly love for the Eagle block. Funny I had not realised one of the T's is wrong . I never noticed til I looked at these photos. Doesn't spoil it's charm though. I don't ''fix'' recycled vintage blocks if I can avoid it.

Work on Summertime is going slower. It has a lot of piecing this time and I so rarely have time to sit and sew in the summer. I prefer to be busy and outdoors, enjoying the long summer days. Used to be I could sit and sew for hours at night but those days are gone. I guess Mo takes up what excess energy I have.

Neighborhood note: the now-famous plastic lawn geese did NOT get 4th of July outfits! Must I start a clothing drive for them? LOL. But this smaller Geese [I think they are always geese, not a goose!] is all dressed up a few blocks away. I have NO idea what it is she is wearing but she looks so cute.

Have a great week, everyone.

my antique swan decoy, who is cringing,
praying I don't decide to dress him up.
He can barely tolerate his Christmas bow.



gone to the beach