I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 16, 2018

Went to the Beach

Happy Monday! On Saturday we had a few brief hours of sunshine, calm wind and slightly warmer temps. I layered up and hiked down to see what  recent wind and flood storms have done to my late winter beach.
Below, wind sculpted dunes.

The big earthmover trucks are gone, much of the boardwalk is back, as are the benches. The fences and warning signs for the terns and plovers are installed.

No hint of green in the dark winter weeds and grasses.

The beach is surprisingly huge. 7/10ths of a  mile down to the waterline. It was mid-tide, on a waxing moon day. [so a moderate tide, not high or lower than usual].

There was a slight mist or fog over the water. The ocean is much colder than the air right now.

A few brave people walking.

NO oystercatchers. None. I've been watching them arrive and do their mating prance/ dance with binoculars from the house, but none were at the shoreline this day. A few dark shapes huddled back towards the dunes, maybe they have chosen nest spots? Although it is too early, as they normally lay eggs around May 9.

Only Gully and a very few sanderlings were playing in the waves.

This is washed up seaweed and beach grasses.

It isn't pretty but it can make for good beachcombing, though I found nothing except a few plastic bags to carry home to put in the recycle bin. The beach is usually raked and groomed twice a day, dawn and dusk, but sometimes the mid-day mess is left for the shorebirds for food, tiny creatures that are in the tidal wash line. As long as the washed up material is natural I don't much mind it; the few plastics are usually picked up by people walking; we even have a little waste collection bag dispenser for people to use, there by the lower bench

I was so tempted but I didn't walk far. I am taking over more and more of Mo's three long walks per day, and must conserve my energy. Mo's needs come first, of course, as he is a little guy who loves his time outdoors with me.

Later that afternoon, a strange dark front of clouds swept in with 40 mph winds. The darkness was so sudden, and early, at 4 PM. Then last night the wind howled and banged all night, deck chairs slamming into the deck railing, anything not bungeed down whisked away. Weather Bug said 45 mph gusts, but as always here at the shoreline, the winds is much stronger.

Mo hid under my desk until noon today, not scared but hibernating. It was a day for the dogwalker, who coaxed him out and now it's time for him and me to go again. We'll look for daffodils.

Have a good week. Here is another happy wildlife story: Bald eagles nesting on Long Island! I would dearly love to see a real eagle, what an amazing thing.



gone to the beach....