I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flea Market and Toad Flax

Hi! Aren't these long summer evenings just the best! It's after 8PM as I write this and the sky has just a hint of pink...still daylight, really.
This Sunday I decided it was cool and cloudy enough for the June flea market. It's still in the cramped awful spot, but the dealers who remain seem to be more accepting now. Many of my favorite people are gone though.

I had great success anyway! I met a very nice guy who had boxes and boxes of old wonderful bottles.

Many were perfect and bright...he seemed a bit puzzled as I hunted out the obviously dug-up or beachcombed bottles that had beautiful [to me] iridescence, patinas, and imperfections....

Now I can make more of my seaglass bottles, fill some orders from the spring.

He even had some of the old hard to find glass disk lids for Mason jars....


When I got home I went right to the beach despite a sudden very windy rain squall.


I walked back down into the swale which has filled with the early June full moon high tides and flooding. Earlier in the week I saw two bunnies there, and wondered if their nest had flooded.

No bunnies, but wonderful tiny, almost alpine wildflowers were blooming in the suddenly wet ground.

I brought this home, just a sprig.

(isn't the purple glass canning jar fantastic!)


I had never seen these flowers before.

From a childhood spent roaming fields and woods it's rare that I have no clue what a flower may be. Spent quite a long time on Google.


Seems this is a native plant, called Blue Toad Flax. Isn't that a funny Ye Olde Englishe sort of name?


Too tiny and dainty to be invasive though the non-native yellow "Butter and Eggs" version is considered an evil weed.
And last, a long shot of my photo shoot the next day...I thought you'd enjoy seeing my view....



gone to the beach