I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Good evening, friends! It's been a low dark grey and very blustery day today. It is after all, still March. A blogger who often talks about folk sayings and traditions, says for today the rhyme was something like,"windy on this date, windy until May" which pretty much sums it all up. But yesterday was calm and sunny and so warm I could sit out on my deck in a long sleeve tee shirt, jeans, and a fleece jacket. And I saw surfers coming with their boards, albeit in full winter wetsuits, arriving in search of springtime waves [nope, dead calm].

Today was a better, more productive day for me. I finally gave in to the upset and lack of focus I'm feeling, and just worked on this and that, accomplishing more than I have recently. Though yesterday I did clean the cottage's big main open plan room, and all looks quite fresh now.

Because of the changeable weather I don't know what sheets to put upon my bed. I've been using my Christmas gifts sheets all winter---strip the bed, wash and dry and remake. So cozy. But I am thinking this week's Saturday change will be to the lighter weight old velvet flannel in blue and white. These sheets are smoothed with age and can usually remain through May. I do love my flannel sheets! So today I carefully patched the fitted white sheet. Good for another 15 years I hope.

I began a few etsy hearts. If tomorrow  is again warm and sunny I can sit outside to fill these with my lavender mix. (It makes quite  a mess.)

I have darling bunny buttons to add on, too.

Then I got the last two Days blocks ready for their hand sewing and embroidery. Some hand applique, some machine applique, and I marked the words: The December block says Peace.

I chose embroidery floss, and these went into my sewing box for more sunny deck hours.

The October block is more or less finished:

If you look very closely you'll see I had to piece a strip at the top of the main green swirly square. I had to unpick the Moon to do so and much remember to re-affix it too. Yes I was trimming to 10 1/2'' size and cut too close; very relieved I could save it.

The side strips also need trimming. I have forgotten whit my final measurements are. 12 1/3"?

I'm so glad I had this already-in-work project to pick up right now.

And so I started another pick up project, Blackbirds. I prepped the first three very gaudy blocks. The blue velvet is a gift from my thrifting buddy B.

I hope it isn't a disaster. The project is patterned [psychologically] on When the Wild Geese Fly, my fave quilt, one that I made random blocks now and then, and unfocused plan, just something for fun. Fun is needed right now.

Mo supervised carefully, as he always does. Maybe more so; I find him watching me instead of  snoozing, poor little man.

We put on all our layers and went out. Look! Forsythia in March. Joyous.

Tonight's dinner will be omelets and fresh asparagus. Because eggs don't keep forever.



gone to the beach....

Photos are from last summer, August.