I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 19, 2012

NYC Flea Market

channel buoy
photo by LK, thanks!

Hi everyone! So today while we wait for the Verizon phone repair guy, let's go back a week and check out the famous 6th Avenue Flea Market in Manhattan. It is actually on 25th between 6th and Broadway. I found it on the Saturday we went to the green market and returned the following day.

Hmmm. Fun but not fabulous, very urban, kinda, well..crappy? Cool. though.

It is billed as NYC premier antiques flea market....and true to the Paris origins of flea markets [old clothes w/ fleas back in medieval times] there are a LOT of racks and even piles of old clothes.

Not so tempting.

On the plus side, a few real dealers, with the things I like.

I promised myself no more brown Staffordshire china! So I passed that booth up.
Then there are a lot of bead sellers, mostly African beads/ dealer but a few vintage sellers too.

The African beads are fabulous! Expensive though.

I can make an upscale I survived Sandy necklace,

 or bracelets...

I loved the large recycled-glass beads....

Also a man who had neat tiki amulets...

And the African textiles are amazing!

I loved them and had hoped to return to buy one or two to incorporate into a quilt, but that didn't happen. [next time?]

They also had African bead work items, even chairs! And chests and ottamans. I so wanted one of those chairs, far right, [so sad the pix aren't great, sorry...]So fantastic...

These were long strips of all white tiny beads, about 8" wide. I wish I had captured the texture better. They looked like heavily quilted white work.

Then a familiar face! A dealer I have been buying from for years..on Long Island, has relocated to the city. As always his was the booth I loved, filled with graniteware, mason jars, butter crocks, and old dump dug bottles and buttons. My eyes latched onto this crock and I knew i had to have it.

It is BIG! And old.

I love the way the brown slip glaze on the top third is warty and spotty,

 and the prim stamped blue 2...

Great find, great price, fun to see an old friend---see, I told you YC is a very small town, in its own way.....

Lucky for me I was with a guy who was willing to tote around the big heavy crock all day, once I bought  it! Thank you, M!

PS Many thanks to everyone who has asked me about hurricane relief donations.
I hesitate to endorse any specific charity, but pet relief / relocation is always so needed. These poor creatures do not understand what has happened to them; one moment they were warm, fed, loved and cherished/ the next the icy dark water took away their people and homes! And need our help and love.
Large organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army do a good job, so maybe this holiday season toss a dollar into the SA guy's pot and think of us here in NY?

Red Cross/ Sandy Relief

North Shore Animal League/ Rescuing Sandy Pets

[a very fine no-kill shelter organization here on LI]

If you are a sewer/ quilter: here

                                          Sandy Quilt Block Drive

I have no personal interaction with any of these groups and am NOT asking you to donate. Follow your hearts and brains...



      gone to the beach.....

our red channel buoy
Usually it is out there where the big ships travel.
one each-red/green/white
photo by LK

photo by LK

Today's beach pix were taken by my friend LK. Thank you, L! NYC and flea mkt pix by me....