I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flea Market

My weekend was chilly and wet, how 'bout you guys?

I almost didn't bother to go to the flea market on Sunday. I was tired, it was drizzling....In fact,the weather was as rainy as the previous week (the three surly dealers, no treasure day?) only much colder. I figured it would be a waste of time. Or worse, annoying...

For a fun look at the dealer's POV, check out 52 Flea's Laura's venture this weekend into being a seller, lol. here Four AM wake-up! No wonder the dealers are grumpy! (Tho I am sure Laura was not!)

So I was on my way to the garden store for herbs for our planned herb garden. We've been collecting these neat, vintage, upcycled old silverware plant markers from Rita at Beach House Living here and now I need a wide planter and some herbs...

To my surprise, as I drove by, the flea market was busy and going strong. I parked quick and found this wonderful string quilt top immediately. $20.oo!

Extravagant, but so colorful and cheery in the gloom and fog of the train station parking lot.

The colors are so new and bright, it looks like it was made yesterday, but wonderful vintage prints and polka dots.

It is nicely made...I can see it backed with one of those wild Kaffe Fasset prints and just a few rows of machine stitching by me: a picnics/ beach blanket? [No batting.]Or I may  have it machine quilted because I think it is really pretty nice...

Another spark of color! A teeny tiny china shoe, made in Japan, a dollar! Orange. With polka dots!

I love the blue flower in the front and gilded ruffle. It looks like a Disney Snow White shoe, doesn't it!

It will make a cute pin cushion for a special gift maybe...

Then! In the freebie/ discards pile by the trash barrel, I found these neat glass jars!

I love the old label amd old glass, don't you? For seaglass collecting?

The tops are newer but nicely etched. And they fit. There were more of the label ones: "Candy", "Flour"---but I didn't want to be greedy. Now I wish I had them all...and the price was certainly right!
As in Free.

Had to stop at BJs (like Costco) on the way home, my kids insist on eating! so despite the Sunday crowds I stopped in, treated myself to orange tulips along with the mamoth bag of frozen chicken cutlets.

It was that kind of day. You know, an orange and red and pink day?

Pale sand-and-beach colors like white and grey and soft blue just couldn't combat the fog. Not like Orange can! Sometimes orange is---a necessity! And there is turquoise too, if you look closely. Perfect, just  perfect.

PS My birdwatching neighbor stopped me on the beach today, told me the oystercatchers' chickies have hatched! I can't wait to look tomorrow, they are tiny pompom balls of black fuzz, adorable!



             gone to the beach.....