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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Trip to the Flower Nursery

Hi! Warming up a bit here so my friend Elle /  L and I make the trip over the bridges to the flower store. I'm growing my deck pot plants from seeds and bulbs this year, cheaper and easier for me but I used the need for organic potting soil as an excuse to take a look around.

I mentioned it's chilly here but of course somehow we picked the hottest day so far to go, and it was pushing 80-something there on the mainland. A bit of a shock to our oceanfront breezy systems!
Pretty things greet you on arrival.

The old farmhouse is decked out with hanging baskets and a lovely birdbath and flowers in front. (I looked and still cannot see where that funny little window actually is. Inside is a dropped ceiling, so maybe  the window is just in a nowhere spot?This is a working nursery that also does a lot of home and business landscaping. The folks are pleasant but busy and not chatty, so I never feel I can ask about the farmhouse.)


Astilbe. Man, it's hard to make astilbe look good. This is lovely, isn't it.

Indoors filled with traditional flower bed plants.

Lots of gorgeous turquoise coastal pottery, for deck planters.

I loved this casual vignette, the turquoise pot and deep blue petunias. Sadly the petunias won't survive on my deck, or I'd have brought this beautiful idea home.

More ideas, pre-planted deck pots. $$$$$$

Cute signs and garden fence decor.

This is the shop that specializes in fairy gardens---

The photo was too blurry but they have garden gnomes smaller than the end of your thumb!

This was very cool. A big vintage jar laid on its side, inside a scene with a shoreline garden and light house; blue glass pebbles for the water, with a sailboat.

And kitschy cuteness, fun for a summer window.

Outside more lovely ideas. Many beautiful shrubs, heavy on the hydrangeas which do so  well by the ocean, plus sweet garden benches and gazebos. Woodland, not seashore though.

L got mosquito repelling citronella and I got a few tiny succulents for my terrarium which has been moved to a shady spot on the deck. Last chance for it, nothing seems to grow in my terrarium.

And she and I discussed a project we're working on--a secret, to be revealed later this summer if it works.  I also want a small solar powered bowl-type fountain, the kind that burbles over river rocks? L suggests Lowe's.--next on out list.

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