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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Harvest Market

Hello! Wednesdays are still farmers market days here.

And the crowds are less, as it is admittedly chilly. Good for me who is impatient when there's nowhere to park.

The vendors are few but they have lovely late fall produce. Big bags of baby spinach!

It seems too early for Christmas trees! But I love the idea that the local tree growers are bringing their trees to us.

This is the time for cabbage-y type cold weather crops:

And for root veggies...

Look at these turnips, big as a softball. I must try mashed turnips sometime?

I love the colored beets and turnips. No clue what one does with them.

All types of winter squash. Here a few acorn squash for my Thanksgiving menu:

And look how green everything is! Sweet tender fall lettuces...

Peppers and tomatillos and weird giant stalks of brussels sprouts.

Trader Joe's flyer says to roast the entire stalk. Hmmm. But then where will the turkey go?


I got these amazing colorful broccoli. [edit: correction, these are cauliflowers].

The green one just blows me away.

How can we eat this? It looks like a cactus or an undersea coral.

I plan to steam them and serve with a retro Velveeta cheese sauce! May add some chicken fingers that night, for the kids. For me the veggies are plenty!

This is a current favorite at my house: marinated goat cheese [olive oil/ tarragon/ flavored pepper/ a garlic clove]. I put it in the little Weck flat canning jar and smoosh it up.  [any jar or plastic tub works].

Spread on a fresh baguette.
The cheese guy wasn't at the market so I picked up supermarket goat cheese, which is fine. You can try a few brands to see which you like the best, my fave is Trader Joe's chevre, not sure of the brand name.

I also picked up some deep pinky-red tiny roses at the supermarket. They'll be a sweet constrast to me new autumn neutrals, a pretty punch of happy color.

Tonight is lazy night because I am helping my daughter bake for her Autumn bake sale. Making BLTs on 10 grain croissants and pre-made [okay, okay--canned!] corn chowder.

Easy meal for a windy November night while the house fills with the scent of pumpkin pound cake and pumpkin-cranberry scones.

Back to the baking! Have a lovely evening!



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