I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Winds and April Showers....

Hello! And hold onto your hats!

Gale winds are blowing here at the beach, the tiles are flying of my roof and vicious whirlwinds of sand discouraged me from my afternoon walk. We must be right at the center of the dry storm since the wind has rapidly switched from south to SSW at dawn through to west, and now blowing in from the north at about 40 mph. With an air temp of just 45*, it really is quite biting---but the sun has come out even as write....eye of the storm?
Hard to believe that Sunday was sunny, calm, and lovely for the "little" flea market that alternates with the so-called [by me] big flea market that opened last week. It was chilly, jacket weather, but very nice and very busy.

Flea market season is in full swing!
This market has grown to be as big as the original market, a railroad station parking lot full of vendors. The good news is this market has a hot dog stand, yum!
The less good news is that despite the 200-ish dealer booths, there are very few who sell real antiques or primitives.

I did find some lovely silverplate pieces.

I use the big serving spoons to scoop lavender into heart sachets and for digging bath salts out of tall Mason jars.

I love the details..and of course the price is right.

The last spoon has roses on the front, but adorably---violets hidden on the back.

And has wild roses engraved on the reverse bowl of the spoon, imagine that! 

And  top one has dainty violets both front and back, perfectly, naturalistically, sculpted in silver. The back of the spoon has the backs of the violets on the front. Such care and detail, so charming....

Fascinating patent dates too! 1851!, 1867, 1911...though of course these spoons could have been made much later.

And I love finding names and monograms:


The bottom knife says either Arthur[s] or Father's, lol! Arthurs could be a surname or a restaurant? But if it says Father's...well, daddy sure was possessive of his butter knife.

The other: CAMENBERT is from Rita at Beach House Living on etsy. I use these knives for soft cheeses, when we have nibbles and drinks. Hopefully out on the deck on the deck soon!...

I inherited my dad's lettering die stamp set, maybe I'll try to make one myself?

And I found this very me bracelet! I loved one similar last summer and it was sold before I could scrounge up the money to buy it...but the same dealer had this new-old one. I love the way the large turquoise's opacity contrasts with the watery clarity of the aquamarines, don't you?

Vintage-y, not real old.

You can see where it is marked 925 (left side, bottom, below the aquamarine...), but no country of origin. Maybe Mexican?

So---some useful and pretty silver and a new piece if turquoise jewelry! Good finds among the tchochkas, don't you think?



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