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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mo's Adoption Anniversary Quilt

Hi everyone! Today is Mo's adoption day anniversary! One year ago he came to be a part of our family! As you know he was so brave and flew here all alone, just 10 weeks old, from California.

He was so tiny!

And he grew up too fast! My little butter bean.

Yes---I celebrate things like this day...so I made Mo a quilt!

I know Mo doesn't care about a quilt,lol.

Though he may find the flannel backing cozy?

It was a fun project for me. The top was actually finished for his birthday in March. And my quilter finished it [as a gift! ] with the cutest paw print quilting. We used a fluffy batting to make it soft and snuggly.

I collect embroidered tea towels and have been saving up the funny doggy design towels for a long time. Hard to find a pug, though the middle puppy looks somewhat puggish?

Most often found are Scottie dogs. I think they were a fad in the 1940s when President Roosevelt had his Scottie Falah. And there was of course Toto in Wizard of Oz. Fifties towels often have hilarious poodles. Mo didn't want poodles.

Look at these cuties. I love the details, like the plaid bows and spool of thread. Wednesday is obviously trouble day,as are the other seven days.

Mo likes naughtiness! Here he is turning on the Netflix player thing, and pulling out the sim card [?] from the cable box. Caught in the act! [why does he like to turn that thing on? He does it all the time...?]

And with a shoe. He doesn't really chew on shoes. He just like to capture them and take them home to his crate.

Mo had a BBQ yesterday. See his friend wearing the "Pugs Not Drugs" tee shirt?

W had amazing dinner, including these antipasto stacks or ''towers'' of grilled eggplant/ mozzarella/ sliced tomatoes/ fresh basil, all drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Yum. Mo had a giant doggy cookie.

Here he is being given his quilt. He's not sure he likes it.

Mo also got a new escape-proof vest.

A new fluffy blankie.

A heartbeat stuffy toy, not here yet. And also not picked up yet, a baby pool for hot summer days.

And I made him this wall rack for his favorite clothes and leads.

Beachcombed keg lid, painted; and flea market china and glass knobs.

He likes it.

And Mo had a trip to the doggy park. He made a new friend.

He is not sure why but I think he has had a good couple days. A good celebration for a special little guy. We love him!



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