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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Beach Quilting ~ August

Hi! Today I'm doing a little summer show and tell, my August round up.

August was HOT, and worst of all, humid. I'm not a person who revels in working up a sweat, especially a quilting sweat,lol. I hate when sweat rolls down my face and fogs my $3.oo cheater glasses. [Who doesn't!] And when the humidity is so dense that crisply ironed quilt blocks turn to sodden rags before our very eyes.

Hand quilting Bitty has been my big hand project, Summer of '18. I enjoy hand quilting and it's a nice stable sort of sewing for the windy beach.

I estimate the central section is about half done, then there's the borders. The quilt is about 24 x 36, so it may get done yet this year. When I get discouraged by my slow progress I think of friends who have worked on quilting a quilt for years! albeit large bed-sized quilts, but still.

I roll and baste the half I'm not working on, to keep it clean and smooth. Here I have unfurled it for a few days for inspection and to allow it to relax, checking the grain and bubbles and mistakes. Shaking out the sand.

My August project for deck afternoons with Mo was the Basket blocks, here.

They proved to be a bit more intricate? fussy? than I anticipated.

The flowers aren't very pretty.

I redid the blue ugly rain cloud flower at least four times.

Next block pair in the series, for September, is the Eagle x 2.

I like the design!
But I am puzzled by the fabrics, which do not appear to go  with the photo.

This project is a new experience for me, a BOM kit. I love the designs---and the fabrics, not chosen by me [oooh, stressful!] are so interesting and different. Beautifully curated. But the fabrics aren't designated as to what goes where. Sure I see a Flag, but then...arrows etc? Hmmmm.

August had few---no?--- rain days, so not much machine sewing was accomplished. Not an issue, this is how I plan my year, but I felt a bit sad not to do much on my TQC 1889 Sampler.

Only 2 blocks since mid-July! I'm about ten blocks behind.

The clipboard is new, just nailed securely by my sewing machine, so I can look at projects as I sew. It's useful if not so cute.

Originally my understanding was that the blocks portion of this project would end in August. [though I don't mind if it continues, it is very fun!]. I am waffling around about my setting fabric though. I fell in love with the neutral used in the BOW sample photos, it was a big part of what made me choose to do this quilt. The bright colors of the blocks/ the drab neutral of the ground. Love!  [right vertical choice is the original.]

But on inspection, and looking for the inspiration antique  quilt on the Internet, I discovered the antique quilt's ground is much darker.

I finally ordered these choices from Fat Quarter Shop [the white grounds are just because I loved them, a little treat]:

Aren't their fabrics presented beautifully!

So now I just don't know.


A few weeks ago I received a wonderful box from a quilting friend! In it were quite a few beautiful quilting books. These are just a couple of the stack she sent. She knows I rarely buy books nowadays.

Such inspiration!

I especially love this quilt from Civil War Legacies IV. Love the unusually soft colors and interesting setting.

However what ''makes'' it is the unusual almost vibrating, optical illusion-y, twisty fabric used in sashing columns.

I ordered this green cable design, which I like but it obviously will not work. The cable fabric has to match the mid-neutral ground. I'll keep looking, I suppose. Or move on.

And a few  plan-ahead ideas, [I should live so long!]:

From and old Red Wagon/ Gerry Kimmel book:
A Christmas quilt

A delightful Moon and Stars Postage Stamp.

Fall wool small projects.

Maybe I am just a dreamer....but the postage stamp is almost a ''go'' as I have actually begun cutting 2 1/2" scrappy squares and have the cheddar in my stash.

My friend also enclosed this amazing stack of teal and turquoise fabrics, My colors! I never see them to buy. Such a diverse and exceptional grouping.

She says the fabrics are leftovers from a recent quilt she made. She is away for the summer but I can't wait to see what she made. I will save these fabrics as a group, maybe for one of Lori's Fall doll quilt projects?
........................ ....

And, knitting:

A little sweater for Mo.

The neck and one arm are the rainbow tweed but the body is fluffy grey, plain.

Back in the bedroom, air conditioned only at night, Mo and I had to have a talk about boundaries. When I get ready for bed, go to brush my teeth, every night when I come out of the bathroom, I find him ensconced on a mound of MY pillows. Mo has his own pillows and a blankey, his Gator doll...but no. Mo is the King, if only in his own mind.

He looks so hopeful, I feel mean. Oh he sure grumbles when I dislodge him!

Have a good September week!



gone to the beach......

PS Sunflowers. I always seem to have a few beautiful, un-sowed by me, sunflowers. See the sidebar, that's years ago. Here is SF 2018, smiling and waving at us all.