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Friday, October 11, 2019

Out and About- Early Autumn Garden Peeping

Hi! Time for a garden walk, c'mon!
As  October settles in and Columbus Day weekend approaches, we are losing our grasp on Summer and seeing the season being to change. It gets dark so early! Mo and I are revolving our inner clocks and scheduling his afternoon walk earlier. Come with us to see the beautiful blooming days of  early October here at the beach.

Mo and the Montauk daisies.

As usual we are peeking at and sometimes through the grey fences.

This is a different street. This must have a wonderful garden but we cannot see in at all, nor do I try too hard, as folks here enjoy their privacy. Imagine getting caught peeping, lol!

 Unusual and very special flower, I think a new hybrid petunia. I love these.

 Gorgeous yellow pompom marigold, six feet tall.

More fence flowers...

Holly berries, for the migrating birds.

Roses still blooming bravely, often til mid-December.

We see the occasional garden fail, this public space just had well irrigated mud and moss!

October is when the morning glories finally bloom. They glow like stained glass jewels in the low angled rays of the sun.

Hydrangeas abound.

These sumer blooms...

are now these.

Monarch butterflies, very few this year.

Impatiens can be trite, even boring, yet when they finally come to full size and bloom, they're lovely I think.  Impatiens do best here in late summer and autumn, they love the cooler wetter days.

The light is changing, the sun angles down the beach lane, now golden instead of summer's hot white sun overhead.

 Have a good week!



gone to the beach.....