I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 26, 2019

Blue Skies, Pink Trees

Hi! Another April week has flown by. Mostly we have had rain and fog---a thunderstorm right now, as Mo snores through his walk time, oblivious. Looking back  can count two bright sunny days and Mo and I took long pleasant walks, enjoying every hopeful moment.

Late April brings the trees here into bloom. I adore flowering trees, to me they seem magical, so wildly brighht like cotton candy or birthday cake roses. I tried to capture their brief, ephemeral beauty for us to share.

Mo also enjoys the fresh green grass, he roils and grunts in puggy ecstasy.

Then, "Mommy made me have a bath cos I got grass stains. Sherry the Groomer came to visit."

''So unfair, I like being green.''


Flea market note:

I braved the midday thunderstorm and downpour to go to the church flea today. It was packed with shoppers. Lots of folks seem to think flea marketing is a fun idea for a rainy afternoon. [no parking, walking about six blocks,] Inside the shelves were filled but nothing appealed and the prices seemed high.

The brown gravy boat was still there, but 5.oo? Not today. A couple of sweet pitchers, one a sweet sky blue with a pink rose, sort of 1910-ish/ matte glaze, made in Japan. 5.oo/ no. The other was a chunky japonaise milk jug, blue and white transferware, 5.oo. No. And last a small-ish yellowware mixing bowl with brown stripes, 5.oo/ nope. I didn't even take pics to share with you guys, maybe next week. The drive and walk in bad weather just plain wore me out, if only in my mind. Maybe next week.

Have a fun weekend!


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