I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sunsets, Rainbows, Watermelons,Kitty!

Hi everyone! Now in mid-July the afternoons are too hot and muggy for me, and especially Mo!---to sit out on the deck and sew. Pugs have the notion they like lying in hot sunshine but it's not good for them. Poor Mo is relegated to the shady AC living room instead. But by evening the sea breeze picks up and long blue shadows bring cooling hours. We almost always try to sit out to enjoy the sunset.

Days are still very long. The sky begins to lighten at 4 AM and with sunset at 8.45, the blue twilight lingers on. This almost looks like an October sky! A harbinger of change?

I love it when the glowing sunsets turn the ocean pink as well.

And when the sun lights up the big ships far out at sea.

And the odd phenomenon of brilliants sunsets in the eastern sky, mimicking sunrise.

And look who's here! Kitty coming through the rosy air for her evening snack. I love her though I think she is not the original Kitty, but one of the Twins. And I think---I hope!---I spotted Stripey one night, though he'd be a very old cat-man by now. I miss his visits.

We've been having brief squally thunderstorms too. I always must go look for the rainbow, never will be too familiar or mundane.

I've had a few better days. The hip pain is hovering but mostly for now has relocated to my left forearm So weird and random. I was able one day to actually do some sewing! I quickly made this Watermelon sundress for Mo's little girlfriend who will be 2 soon! I hope she [and her mom & daddy], like it.

pug kisses!

Have a good weekend!



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