I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Christmas Nursery

Happy Monday! Yesterday I went to the flower shop on the mainland. As you all know I love their decorations and festive atmosphere.

Some wise old sage said, "Choose your companions wisely." I thought anyone who celebrates Christmas would enjoy a stroll through this pine scented wonderland.

But no, quite a bit of Bah Humbug emerged, punctuated with yawns. Isn't that disappointing! So sad. Anyway, I found some pretties to share with you, even though we only spent a few minutes.

Seashells and lobsters! I was able to replace my white mermaid who broke.

Margaritaville Santa!

 My favorite thing about their coastal tree[s], beside the HUGE surfboards stuck in at random], is the wall behind painted deep lagoon turquoise to set off the theme.

 Note the chic plastic Goose!

And a pine branch Gnome! Adorable!

Snowmen are popular this year.

My artist friend on FB, Michelle Pooler/ Olde Farmhouse Simples makes snowballs like these! Hers are delightful and a very fun project.  [Let me know if you want to try to make some, I'll ask if I can share somehow.click HERE]

I love the snowballs made into snowmen too! Cuties, looks easy.

Mel and I want to make ornaments that are pawprints, or in her case since her kitties may not cooperate, she may make grandbabies' hand prints. I saw a kit at Marshall's that was 6.99 for one little paw disk. I'm sure I have air dry clay to use instead, or could make a dough with Elmer's and flour? Some glitter? Do you love and cherish homemade ornaments or are you a big bucks C Radko person? Maybe both?

Speaking of paws, I was excited that the nursery has Pet Santa days! Sunday was the final day and I wasn't in the mood to dig out my car to go back with Mo. But for sure next year! How fun. I bet Mo will love Santa!

My friend L and I were all enthused to go to the Early 1800s restoration village here, for their candlelit evening walk and market. [obviously Not Williamsburg purists here, since I doubt Kringle markets with made in China baubles were common in 1810. But anyway.] So we called to make reservations and the docent manning the phone was sooooo discouraging! "It's reeeally dark," she whispered. "And so cold and muddy! Wear rubber boots, bring flashlights!" L looked horrified. I laughed and laughed. Needless to say, we did not yet buy tickets. I have to work on her a bit,  promise her warming toddies and hot soup afterwards. Or--Mexican!

Have a fun and festive week! Don't let the bah-humbuggers get you down.



gone to the beach....

PS Mo's pics are from last year but we'll have some new ones soon!