I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day

No May Basket flowers on my doorknob! How about you guys?

from Martha Stewart Living
I fought the traffic to the flea market...the roads were all closed due to a marathon and bikeathon and other  endeavors of an energetic and athletic nature. Making it a marathon of sorts for flea market lovers too. The market was HUGE! Just packed with dealers and shoppers and...(sigh)...junk.
Maybe I was overwhelmed?
On my list: linens, fabric, quilts, mason jars, other old jars/bottles. Blue and white plates & / or pitchers. Blue or turquoise graniteware. White ironstone. Old wooden crates. Pincushions. Old funnels. Old pearl buttons?

All a big, fat No! But: hey, lady, we got tube socks! Twofer ten bucks! (yeah, right.)...

Or all the usual beachy stuff? Ships in bottles, seashells, old seaglass collections, Nantucket baskets? Uh, no....

I did find this sweet pink silk heart...a hatpin holder, I think....

The note inside says it's in its original box.


And a couple new hearts for my silver hearts collection necklace.

(Yes, it's for sale on etsy with 100 silver hearts but I keep adding! because, well, ya never know?)...

A guy had adorable blue pansies and sweet lavender planted in handmade rustic little crates...so sweet! But OMG, $16.oo for three little pansy plants? C'mon.

And let's see, what else didn't I buy, but kinda liked: a couple ho hum blue transferware plates (Henry Hudson Discovers NY? Get out! Nice border though...); "silver" golf club cufflinks; an etched glass apothecary bottle with a silver ring top (new/ Marshall's-ish, but pretty); a blue & white striped pitcher (England); a b & w polka dot pitcher (Japan); some random boxes of buttons. A tiny b & w Willoware "Blue Willow" teapot, doll sized. Three or four neat old handmade tin cooky cutters, mixed in a batch of 50s aluminums and recent plastics; the guy said I had to buy ALL. Again, no.

How is it possible that a market with 200 dealers had not a single Mason jar?

PS I even brought quite a few dollars for the surly young man with the lovely Victorian jewelry, but he wasn't there. I am so wanting stacking rings, old wedding rings? And he had a beauty---rose gold with tiny flowers, miniscule pearls and paste centers, but last week when I gasped at the 138.oo price he looked down his nose at me (and he was sitting down! Good trick, my boy!) and he said, It is verrry old." Well, me too, lol---or at least that's how he made me feel!


Maybe next week?
What's on your flea market list? Any special wants or must-haves?



.....gone to the beach