I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Windy with a Dash of Snow

Past few days were windy here at the beach---65 mph and 15 degrees makes for a chilly night's sleep with no electricity!

sand corrugated by the wind

Then we had snow--but a perfect snow, soft downy feather flakes wafting down late at night....the sidewalks and streets clear and dry by morning.

The beach was scoured bare, blown clean and faceless as an airport runway at JKF.

No beachcombings to be found...
The only treasures were---metaphysical?
The silence, the peace, the purity. The briskly oxygenated air filling one's lungs.

The pleasure of "owning" the beach, just me and miles of white sand...

By today, the very gentle waves created patches of what we call "outwash gravel"--though as you can see, it is really small shells.

(Think panning for gold? When the waves lap gently on the shore the small tidbits are uncovered.)....Often the place to find sea glass and lost jewelry, coins, and prized sand dollars.

Again, though, little to find:
A few pennies, a few little shards...

....a fun bit of wood for hanging a seashell mobile, a tacky item I make and force on friends, lol! (not sold on esty! you're safe!).

It's pretty cool, actually...hexagonal wood bits, a big knobby bead, rope....I like it!

And the blue bead? Yes, yes...it is ugly!

But I collect beads on the beach because...well.......

...years ago I made my first beaded bracelets, one for each of my girlfriends, as a welcome summer fun gift. I labelled the bracelets "Sea glass beads" because they were blue and aqua and frosted. And each and every recipient, all of whom have lived at a beach for years, asked me if the beads were truly from the beach. (uh, no. like--- have you ever seen semiprecious beads in the outwash, gang?) The good news is they all still wear the bracelets every summer at the beach! And I now say "sea-glass inspired" and I collect actual beads too....for...someday?

actual beads found on the beach

Oddly I regularly find rosaries and religious medals---but I pass those along to those who may cherish them...and their journey to my shores....

The sky, the sand, the water---all were pink as I walked home at 6 PM. Truly I felt like I was in heaven.....and spring is on its way?



........gone  to the beach