I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Storm Update ~ All is Well Except there's Flies!

Hi! Thank you everyone for sending safe wishes and prayers and kind thoughts! Jose was not much a threat but ya never know! Quick post to show you some photos.

Yesterday despite the wind and rain I had to go to town for a much postponed doctor appointment. You know how on the expressway, there's the signs that say, "Acc'dt Rt 30, 4 Hour Delay"?, well, here they use portable versions and they were busily saying "Coastal Overwash, Road May Flood Without Warning." Well, gee.
Anyway the ride was uneventful and since the weather was crappy there was even a parking space for me. The MD's office is right on the boardwalk, which I suppose gives him lovely coffee and surfing breaks, but there is usually no parking for miles; one has to be dropped off and picked up. No cell phone service either, a dead zone. It's annoying..

The fences are erosion protections, installed each fall until April.

Only a few surfers, shore break instead of good waves here yesterday.

The doctor's office building is to the left.

Slightly better waves down a couple blocks, but the jetty makes it iffy here.

When I got home, this was the view from my deck, I was too tired to hike down. Usually waves aren't visible over the dunes. These are about 1/2 to 3/4 of  a mile away.

Later the sunset turned the world violet lavender. Very eerie and beautiful.

Today I walked out to see how the beach fared. All looks fine!

 That's water, midline in the photo, usually sandy beach.

This is a swale that, while not man made is maintained by conservation department. It acts as a catch basin, so water floods into the swale[s] and not over the upper dunes. Usually there is little or no water here.

The dark areas show how the storm waves came up to the outer dunes but then went on into the swale without damage.

This is looking in the other direction. See the black fence pole? The swale cut is that notch behind it, then the swale runs along the boardwalk between the lower and upper dunes. It's dug out each spring to form low ground.

And look who ran over to say Hi! If it's not the real Gully, we can pretend.

But even as I stood to take these photos, swarms of large biting horseflies attacked! I looked down to see what bit me and my legs looked like I was wearing black polka dot leggings. I screamed and hustled back to Mo's and my bench in probably record time. Let's hope lots of birds reappear to gobble the flies up!

Mo and I retreated to the sewing room. HTs on deck!, 2 Silent Night stars completed.



gone to the beach....