I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Summer Glory and Opie's School Shirts

Good evening! It's just after 8 PM and it's dark out! Mo and I are sad that his bedtime walk will be in the dark now for months to come. The days are noticeably shorter now, but hot as blazes finally here at the beach. No rain today again, but a few drops and then a rainbow.

I have been feeling tired, something happened to me Saturday. Not a big deal, but I went scampering off to the beach, Sunflower in my bag. I thought the temp was around 75*, my phone must have been showing Some.Where. Else.

Instead it was, I discovered later, 86* with 94% humidity. I made it to our beach spot, only to discover that I had left the embroidery threads for Sunflower at home. So upsetting. I hung out for a while, used Bitty royal blue silk thread for one word of the block's caption. then finally trudged home over the 3/4 mile sandy burning Sahara of the summer beach. I was feeling awful, lightheaded and strange, but the prospect of  needing embarrassing rescue attention kept me going, plod, plod, plod. Fine once I was home and sat down a spell.

The coral floss was hiding on the deck, camouflaged on a pineapple printed tablecloth, the black nowhere to be seen.

 Ever since I've felt exhausted, hence my Monday post here, on Thursday.

But  I do have finishes to share. Here is Sunflower, from A Country Year.

Its real name is Summer Glory, which I may change because I don't like it, it sounds oddly religious to me, lol. In an inappropriate way.

Otherwise I love it, isn't it cute! So retro, not at all what currently is happening in prim sewing, which is stylistically much more sophisticated nowadays. Of course for me, its cute naivete and simpleness are is what I love.

I also really finished-finished Opie's School Shirts.

This was a top I found online and had quilted by my wonderful quilter Lori C, in Baptist Fans.

I wish you could see and feel the textures of this quilt in person, just perfectly crispy crinkled, thin drapey and soft.

The triangles are LARGE!

And many of them are many-pieced ''poverty patches''.

Up close the colors are quite vibrant, they fade and soften in the photos, as they are ginghams and plaids.

All hand pieced. I have no idea of the date of this top. Originally I had dated it as 1940-1950s; the fabrics look much older in person. And it is sewed with odd heavy white twisted thread, almost cord that could even be recycled thread from old feed sacks; it looks like the thread used to close those bags, heavy and easily removed. But then, look at those homespuns---still made today! So who knows.

The top looked clean and had no spots or odors, but after washing it was so much brighter. The Color Catchers in the wash came back dull tan/brown.

The back is a pretty coral-red print added to a semi-vintage [1990s?] Alphabet print, that in itself is harkening back to early 1900's,

 I am guessing around 1930, judging from the car,

And that whatever inspired the print was British, as it has the Queen and Our Navy and other England-y references, such as the spelling of airplane as aeroplane.

The letters and image choices are so amusing. F for horse [foal], M for mo-car, motorcar?

The hilarious radish shaped Kite, whose face reminds me of early 20th century Yellow Kid cartoon/ comic.here

W for Moon?

F for Horse [foal].

And I do wonder who Gilbert was!

The photos look butter yellow but the fabric is really a pale green-yellow citron shade.


Meanwhile, I am feeling better just oddly exhausted. Our regular dogwalker is away, so I must go out early with Mo for his most energetic walk of the day. This is a challenge for me bec my AM pain meds do not take effect as quickly as Mo wants to GO! But the walk in the pretty mornings is so fun. The downside is, after he has his run and potty time, he wants me to carry him home! OMG, so not gonna happen.

"You woke me up too early, mommy.
I need you to carry me,
my feeties hurt. I'm hot, I'm tired.
Wah! Wah.!" 

Have a good week!



gone to the beach...

Just in case you are asking yourself, Who is Opie? Old b & w TV series , often shown on cable reruns. My ex loved it, could binge watch for hours. Days. Me: "What, no Seinfeld today?"
 Opie Taylor, played by Ron Howard