I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa's Workshop

Hi everyone!

Today was the first day I've done a lot of hand sewing and wire work, since my hand became so painful back in September. Just one day to make a few things for my etsy shop. Probably too late for the holiday but maybe someone with a gift card will treat themselves?

My hand was hurting after four hours of non-stop finicky work, so I had to stop. I have to be able to wrap the gifts and carve the roast!

Here's what I made;
Beeee-u-tiful very large chandelier crystal ''icicles'', with curly wire hangers.


I didn't measure them yet but I am guessing they're at least 7" long.

Lovely old crystal, very few if any nicks. Original wires!



I worked on a few strawberries. These make such sweet gifts for someone who sews or collects sewing items.

Last scraps of a supposedly Amish silk log cabin block, all odd darker colors: black, plum, mulberry, wine.

A bit of a blue and white quilt block fragment, note the tiny fleur de lys:

And this, a very special piece. It was inspired by this antique strawberry on Pinterest.here

I had my eye on the old sterling silver handle all summer and fall. The dealer wanted a lot of $$$ for it---and who but me would want it? Finally, at the last market a few weeks ago, I prevailed.

It is marked Sterling and the design is perhaps violets---or shamrocks?! It's very beautiful, about 3" long. It was the handle of a small vanity set brush.

I used antique velveteen, carefully washing and fading the red to soft berry pink. Hand beaded with deep coppery brown seed beads. Ombre silk ribbon for the stem ruffle.

I found a sterling bumble bee on etsy, to add...not sure if it needs it though.

And I am doing a large strawberry make-do. Not finished! The leaves will be hand sewed, it will be beaded, etc. The base is an antique glass candle stick that is turning lavender, a real treasure!

Christmas--just a week now! Tomorrow I'll try to finish my gift shopping and make my cookies. How are your plans coming along?

Mo thinks old Merrell clogs are yummy.
Silly boy.
He has taken this shoe into his faux Nantucket basket
is gnawing happily away.
Good thing Merrells are indestructible.



gone to the beach...........

 PS All these ''pink'' photos, here and in previous post, are sunsets. Sunset these days is from 4PM to 5.30...so pretty and serene.