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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Paddy's Day

Hello! May your beer be green, your corned beef corny and your Irishman full of blarney!
Let's hope it doesn't snow on the Parade[s].

The first  year I lived in NYC I was very sick with bronchitis on St Patrick's Day. We lived in the East 80's across from the Metropolitan Museum. I was feverish, and out of it, and had no idea of the date. It was snowing or sleeting---grey and frigid. Midday I awoke to the sound of---what the f&^% is that NOISE! ? I looked out the window...guys in bumblebee yellow and neon blue kilts and black tall fuzzy hats! Marching below my window, bagpipes howling.
I thought I was hallucinating. LOL. NYC parades were a revelation to this country girl.
When I was a little girl living in the far suburbs of Chicago, rumor had it ''they'' dyed the river green and painted all the street markings on Michigan Ave green---for the St Patrick's Day Parade. How cool is that! I love it.
I never actually saw this, and always wonder...true? or urban myth?
EDIT: had to add this YouTube link, showing the Chicago River being dyed green. Love it!
gone to the beach.....