I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sky Blue / Blue Skies Almost July!

Oh my gosh the corn was already in the stands at the farmers market today! It's maybe 3 ir 4 weeks early...

The heavenly seaside hydrangeas are right on schedule though, and fill all the yeards with masses of blue and pink froth.

The once small sprout in my  big crock on my deck has grown from one flower head, summer before last, to maybe thirty blue blooms. Oh and my daylilies....so pretty.

These blue hydrangeas are from my friend L's yard.

L so generously shared her flowers and left me this stunning bouquet, and all this lavender, too.

Whatever this hydrangea is, it is my favorite...the most perfect shade of sky blue, with hints of chartreuse when the flowers begin to bloom. [Perhaps I can get these cuttings to root?]

I was so thrilled...

L's lavender is magnificent too...

Two varieties...classic French lavender, above.

The lavender below right is shorter, but with thick masses of cobalt blue-purple buds. Both are very fragrant!

Lavender thrives on hot sun and sandy soil and neglect. Finally L's green thumb has been patient and here they are!

Some of our sachet hearts will have local lavender, her beach lavender, next fall when I have dried these beauties...

...for now they fill all my blue and white pitchers and make me so happy.

perfect, simple summer joys...heavenly blues...



gone to the beach...

Zinnina: a Little Porch Time

Block Two: Zinnias is done!

A Liitle Porch Time [Primitive Pieces by Lynda] for Lori at Humble Quilts'

This is the June block.

Here's the link to see Lori's block and the linky thing for other quilters' versions.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red White and Blue

Right now I'm waiting out a thunderstorm---it's been like this all day! The sky was so black early this morning that the odd darkness woke me up...just in time to close some windows. This final storm  has brought cooler weather, I kinda hope it lasts.

I want to show you my new summery, red white and blue lavender pillow/ sachets. Nope, we don't spend all our time sitting on the beach, sometimes actual things get made and posted on etsy.

Just a little break from so many hearts...the antique French ticking stripes seem to lend themselves to the geometry of the square mini-pillows.
I love the nautical, vintage summer, South of France...or Cape Cod, or Maine vibe--of the faded red white and blue.

I did a few in crisp blue and white linen too, for that summer cottage / porch and old wicker look...recycled from an antique American hopespun textile. I even used the original buttons and handmade buttonholes....

And yes mini they are...many 5" square, the biggest [above] is I think 8" x  7"...

I used Cape Cod lavender, plus chamomile, for soothing scents...and flax seed for a wonderful beanbag weightiness.

Just playful and summery.....

I've had these vintage cotton thread anchors for years. They are attached in strings, like ribbons...and I finally found a fun way to use a few...

So far only in my etsy shop, eBay was being difficult the other night[?]...plus still some Dollar Days finds, so stop by! gone to the beach



              gone to the beach.....

PS The very hot days...or poor quality---killed my Emerson ice maker! It was only six weeks old. I put it in my giant LL Bean tote, because who keeps the boxes? Right? And drove it back to Target, all riled up and mentally armed for a fight. [$149.oo plus tax!].

I have to give Target a LOT of credit, the returns lady took the thing back, gave me full credit, without a single rude word or argument. She was pleasant! Like, 'okay, no problem.' I was pretty amazed..and appreciative. This is NY, that never happens! Yay, Target!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Treasures from a Friend

Hi! Today is the first day of summer!

The longest day of the year...do you find it hard to sleep? Here the hours of true darkness are  so short, with nautical twilight lasting til almost 10 PM and then the sky lightens  over the water again by 4 AM or so. It's an exciting time at the beach...despite the sudden HOT weather....but I'm sleepy!

I treasure these endless summer days...but most of all I treasure my dear friends...the other day a box of beach books arrived...then another friend left glorious bunches of blue hydrangeas and lavender on my doorstep [a whole other post!]...and much to my joy and amazement a package came bearing treasure from my friend Lisa, who lives way out west where it is always hot and summery.

I think of Lisa [her blog, The Agony of Delete] as a gifted creative author, an inspiration, with her sharp mind and quirky humor ...but I had no idea she is also a wonderful jewelry artist...

She sent me two! of her gorgeous new treasure necklaces....

....and these very cool earrings. I really love the lucky ancient coins!

Her beads...which she casually calls just random finds and ''extras'' are so special, like old trade beads found on the most remote spice routes of old Asia, plus pearls and odd stones, and coins...

Each is unique, like her!

And then the treasure necklaces also make me think of colorful jars of of yummy candy!

Hard candies from the sweet shop...to wear! No calories, either....

Look at her beautiful artistry, each and every copper link is handmade by her, from hardware store 100% copper wire, so cool. I think it will age wonderfully and acquire a nice patina though right now I am loving the pink shiny coppery wire....

and have been wearing  them both, plus the earrings, almost non-stop since they arrived! Perfect for summer...today---with a black tank top, khaki capris and faded red linen espadrilles. I added a big straw tote and was perfectly dressed for errands and the farmers market.
I had so much fun photographing her treasure necklaces...

And Lisa may  be on etsy soon! I think her treasures will be very hot!

Thank you, dear friend...



gone to the beach...

dog days and muggy skies...already?!?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Remembering my dad.....

one of my dad's folk art flags

I always believed he could make anything! And we made a couple of whirligigs not long before he died. He engineered them, I did the painting. Sadly I do not seem to have any photos....the following are found-object wooden birds from the beach.

He wouldn't have had the patience to watch the following film...but it is wonderful. And somehow reminds me of him. Be sure to watch it!



gone to the beach!