I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Treasures from a Friend

Hi! Today is the first day of summer!

The longest day of the year...do you find it hard to sleep? Here the hours of true darkness are  so short, with nautical twilight lasting til almost 10 PM and then the sky lightens  over the water again by 4 AM or so. It's an exciting time at the beach...despite the sudden HOT weather....but I'm sleepy!

I treasure these endless summer days...but most of all I treasure my dear friends...the other day a box of beach books arrived...then another friend left glorious bunches of blue hydrangeas and lavender on my doorstep [a whole other post!]...and much to my joy and amazement a package came bearing treasure from my friend Lisa, who lives way out west where it is always hot and summery.

I think of Lisa [her blog, The Agony of Delete] as a gifted creative author, an inspiration, with her sharp mind and quirky humor ...but I had no idea she is also a wonderful jewelry artist...

She sent me two! of her gorgeous new treasure necklaces....

....and these very cool earrings. I really love the lucky ancient coins!

Her beads...which she casually calls just random finds and ''extras'' are so special, like old trade beads found on the most remote spice routes of old Asia, plus pearls and odd stones, and coins...

Each is unique, like her!

And then the treasure necklaces also make me think of colorful jars of of yummy candy!

Hard candies from the sweet shop...to wear! No calories, either....

Look at her beautiful artistry, each and every copper link is handmade by her, from hardware store 100% copper wire, so cool. I think it will age wonderfully and acquire a nice patina though right now I am loving the pink shiny coppery wire....

and have been wearing  them both, plus the earrings, almost non-stop since they arrived! Perfect for summer...today---with a black tank top, khaki capris and faded red linen espadrilles. I added a big straw tote and was perfectly dressed for errands and the farmers market.
I had so much fun photographing her treasure necklaces...

And Lisa may  be on etsy soon! I think her treasures will be very hot!

Thank you, dear friend...



gone to the beach...

dog days and muggy skies...already?!?

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  1. You do me so much more credit than I deserve (and I blush as I type these words). Again, pleased you are pleased. Even more pleased you have been able to wear them!

    Much love from your humble servant,



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