I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 5, 2011

Flea Market Finds and Other Treasures

Hi! The flea market has been fabulous,
so fun, busy, festive!

But before I tell abut this week's goodies I have to tell you about my lost camera...so sad. I lost my beloved little point and shoot in the neoprene bag, like a wetsuit. It went to the beach with me every day and took the most amazing pix for me. Remember it fell in the quicksand that time? And survived? On the day after Thanksgiving, it disappeared. I was heartbroken, finally bought a new Nikon, aka the camera from hell.

Tonight, after almost 10 days lost, my camera came home! A neighbor, walking his dog found it. Actually , his little French bulldog found the camera, near the street edge! And my neighbor looked at the pix and figured out they were taken from my house. How he could tell, I have no idea...black night sunrise shots. Oh it made my day!
Thank you, my friend!

Anyway. Flea market finds!
The weather is awesome, sunny and 60-ish. Not every Christmas-y but who cares. Perfect for the markets and this is the time to stock up on things for crafts, especially holiday crafts. Maybe next year, at the rate I'm going...but Real Good Stuff.
Like...this velvet scarf. I bought it for the velvet, to make Valentine hearts.

But isn't it pretty? Can I fix it and...wear it? Not sure it is ready to be cut up.

What do you think? With a jean jacket and cargoes, boots?

Little creche sheep...

...for my Noah's Ark , maybe? Aren't they so cute!

...or for a Santa's bag of goodies...like this one:

To be filled with tiny toys....

A wire garland of small tin stars, for an angel to hold in her hands or it could be wound tight to be her halo?

A dear little bird, for my winter twig tree, or to sit on an angel's hand?...

A bag of tiny silver heart ornaments. These will go in my hurricane cylinder with a red candle. They also can be de-silvered and filled with sand & tiny shells, sea glass, for charming necklace pendants [I'll show you in a few days!]....

a stack of red and white dishtowels, one vintage, 100% linen, the rest 100% cotton. All useful...

Here's a stocking, NOT made by me...from eBay. See how the old textiles can be reused, re-purposed...here

And the tiny black velvet clutch from a few weeks ago. Perfect for my winter wristie bag, w/ jeans...or yes, okay. I may sell it. Mint, never used!

More wonderful children and chic flapper ladies.... 

And when I got home, just so ready for an apple and a hot cup of tea...here is what awaits me. My work table: "Finish us, mom! We want to go on Christmas trees! We want to be pretty and loved!" And so, back to work!

More to show you, real soon! Big Christmas expedition tomorrow, yay! So excited...

Have a wonderful week!



gone to the beach....

photo in the runaway camera!
sunrise, looking south southeast-
late November, 6 AM