I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frivolous Fridays

Hi everyone! You know how lots of blogs have "days"--with links? Pink Tuesday, blue Monday? And that's cool, I love them...but here at the beach we solo and have "friv" Fridays (sometimes followed by Sloppy Sundays?)....

Anyway....Yesterday I dragged myself away from the  websites of Pugs of Color and  Funny Farm Pugs (OMG! They are so cuuuute, who knew?), avoided the lure of the beach and drove myself off over the bridge to Trader Joe's to grocery shop.

TJ's has about the worst prepared food you can imagine (eeew, last nite's Pad Thai! Lean Cuisine seems gourmet in comparison) but I wanted to stock up on their delicious cheeses, and nice fresh veggies for the weekend. I always try to choose one, new-to-me, cheese. This week I got French baby swiss...hhhmmm.....(rubbery?).

Threw in a box of [irristably yum!] Sea Salt Brownie Bites with the butter lettuce and radicchio, the artichokes and the Brussel sprouts and trail mix. These little chocolate morsels are perfect for apres beach hike, just one!---with a cup of Stash peach tea.

But what TJs excels in--and, I admit it was my reason for going there: the flowers! Just fabulous wonderful flowers. Cheap! They had rose buds the size of a thimble! Pots of iris and daffodils! Rainbows of tulips. Pink and grey velvety weeping pussy willows. Sweet tender lavender in 5" pots, ready to bloom, only 5.95!

But I finally decided on the hyacinths. They are so sweet, so rare. They smell so springlike. They are so frou frou. They look like ruffled baby dresses...and the colors! Oh my.

Sorry the pix are wonky! I may repost tomorrow when the sun comes out. Today was so dark! But warm, so no complaints from me. Treasure tomorrow on the tideline?

And tonight, grilled cheese on TJ's yummy sunflower seed bread, butter lettuce salad with pear vinaigrette, and homemade soup (yeah, I learned my lesson w/ that Pad Thai!)---a perfect end to a stormy day.

Have a great weekend! Quilty stuff maybe tomorrow?


                 gone to the beach...