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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mo Has a Playdate

Hi everyone! We're home! Mo was invited for a doggy playdate today.

Mo is an unusually active and athletic pug. Mo likes to run! And he's a furry little Houdini, who has never met a harness or collar that he cannot escape. We haven't been going to the dog park lately because it is very expensive to park there and it's too far to walk. So a few weeks ago I took Mo to a public area with lovely grass, fenced and hedged--- so he could enjoy a run on the cool grass. Ha! Mo yanked his leash out of my hand, tore through the hedge, dislodged his harness---and leaped the fence to freedom.

Born Free!

He raced down our six-lane, 45 mph road at rush hour with me in pursuit, cars swerving and honking. I was so frightened. He ran about a half mile, almost to the back entrance of the dog park. He stopped finally, heard me calling him. Yes he came back, but in the road still. No more outing treats for Mo.

I ordered a no-escape harness for him. It came today. He's so chubby that the Large won't close over his belly. [vet says his weight is fine, he's just a big boy.]

So my friend was kind enough to invite us over to her home so Mo could play in her luxurious grass.

Sprinklers on!

This is her big dog, an exotic, to me anyway, Louisiana Leopard Dog.

He is dark brindle brown with slightly lighter spots, very unusual coat. Oscar doesn't much like Mo, but he was a tolerant host.

And this is Brutus, my friend's grand-dog. Brutus is a teeny tiny, elderly but spry Maltese terrier. He's too elegant to play or run but Mo enjoyed making friends.

Mo especially loves the back wall with its rows of pines and hosta and mulch. He thinks he is a little lion dog. And we desperately hoped the fence has no holes. It was just redone after H.Sandy so it's sturdy and I think maybe 8 feet high.

Even Mo can't jump over that fence.

Here's Mo investigating the garden shed.

And checking out the little Buddha in the corner. I was so pleased he didn't lift his leg there.

Poor Oscar requires a muzzle and constant vigilance, so we couldn't sit and sip our ice tea like playground moms do. Too bad.
But Mo had a good run and maybe he'll get invited back someday.

Sunflowers from other friends' garden, aren't they the  BEST!? This was just one seed package, ''assorted hybrids." From Burpee I think. Wow.



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