I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Late Summer Squall

Good evening! Look what just blew through the beach. [And literally through my house!].

We went from this:

To this, in seconds, no warning at all.

The sky got black, the wind roared. All the doors slammed and the screens blew out of the north facing windows.

Earlier---and by that I mean 5 minutes! earlier---look at this blue sky!

And my sunflowers.

Mine too, are the Russian Giants, the seeds saved from last year. Somewhat stunted by being in pots with not enough water, too much hot sun. But so sweet.

A smaller volunteer, the out of focus one has a monarch butterfly visiting it.

and my little volunteer petunias. I've babied them along as best I could this summer.

The sun is now lower in the sky each day, and its orbit is further South. I have added the striped ''awning'' to my umbrella to block the intense September sun, which peeks under the umbrella's edge by 2 PM.

Mo is not afraid of storms, but he was not happy about all the scary slamming doors and howling wind.

Before I could close the windows, everything on my work table was drenched, including all the Wild Geese blocks. I guess now I'll know if they are washable, or not.

Lately I've felt I'm slowing down on my summer projects, losing momentum to get things done. Odd because I am actually feeling somewhat better these days. Anyway I had gotten the WWGF blocks out and set them up to see how they were looking. Huh. And then I left the stacked blocks on my cutting table under the open window, along with all the fabric for that quilt and for P2. sigh. Soaked.

It rained hard and wet but so briefly. We need a few nice long rainy days instead.

OT: Friday, be sure to look up in the sky at the Full Moon and lunar eclipse. This moon is perhaps the Harvest Moon, though to me that is October's full moon. But  Google says:"The Harvest Moon is the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. It can occur in either September or October. At this time, crops such as corn, pumpkins, squash, and wild rice are ready for gathering.''



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