I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping on etsy

Hi! Heat wave keeping you all indoors? I know I've been stuck inside quite a bit the past couple weeks. Not only due to thunderstorms daily, but suddenly there are swarms of big mean biting black flies on the  beach! I swear those suckers have teeth! These flies only appear maybe once every ten years, but they can put a real ding in one's summer days.
[a friend recc high % DEET repellent spray. Lemme tell you, those flies LOVE it! They lick their lips and say oooh! Deet, yummy. And chomp my poor ankles....

So....once in a while instead of selling stuff on etsy, I enjoy a wishful "window" shop.

This shopping trip was inspired by my fav style blogger Sarah at A Beach Cottage. I adore her style, her look! But after trolling the stores for her grey ruffled cardi and striped shirts....c'mon, this is NYC, those things are long gone...I realized that my look is nothing like Sarah's. And what looks so drool-worthy, fab, to die for, on her looks like s*&^$ on me! Not to mention our seasons are reversed, lol.

So, here goes...
for the house:

White wood collector's coffee table from Zenasdad. OMG I love this and all his pieces. They'd be so perfect for my beachcombed treasures!

And I'd love to do a wall filled with these natural history prints from Black Baroque:

 I'd put them in reclaimed wood frames like these from Reclaimed Relics...

Then----Ruffled Linens...oooh! This table cloth is definitely on my wish list, tho I'd add a backing and vintage MOP buttons, use it as a duvet cover on my bed. Or maybe I'll get two? One for the dining room table too?

For me....
Yes!---linen ruffles for me! From Bayou Salvage some linen cargoes (since these are custom, I am hoping the proprietress will be willing to forgo the ruffles on the tummy?). In beach white:

or autumn grey?

Then to go with: Ele Handmade in Italy turquoise ballerina flats.

Embellishments of course.....

Bangles from Miss Fickle Media:

and some of her \verdigris sand dollar charms,

 maybe strung on frayed silk ribbon?here

And back to the bayou for a ruffled French Market Bag , again from Bayou Salvage...

Last, but maybe first on my wish list, from Delias Thompson, a set of stacking silver secret message/ poetry rings. I love these, even though I don't wear rings. [I can learn, right?]

I have a bracelet Delias made for me, a memory bracelet with special poem about someone I love[d]...I treasure it!

So...doesn't look very fall or back to school, does it, my list? Summer reigns supreme here at the beach...and can last forever if only in our minds. (and if the wind picks up and blows the damn flies off to New Jersey!



gone to the beach....

[Obviously the pix aren't mine, hope that is okay....]?

except the beach pix are mine, of course...