I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Out and About ~ Thrift Shop Moved Again...

...Far far away!

Hi guys! Late summer thrifting and other shopping adventures to share today. About a month ago I finally dragged my friend Elle to the thrift shop with her daughter's discarded clothes, and what did we find!? Emptiness, nothing there except a few dusty shelves. This tiny Easter basket of chickies was the last thing there, on the afternoon of the final day. I hope someone bought them, I am sad that I didn't bother. Lookit those little eyes and smiles!

Signs said Moving to???. I figured we would never ever go there. It was far when it moved a few years ago. Now even further, way further. L and I sadly drove home, with a makes-up-for-it stop on the way [more later.] However it seems my friend B is an intrepid thrifter and when she visited a few weeks later she was perfectly happy to pilot her little Toyota, via iPhone Maps, to the new location.

I thought it looked like it once was a car dealer. Huge. Jam packed with nothing I'd ever want. Cement floors that made me so tired. Musty and cold.

When we finished B asked my opinion and I said, "A one or 2 out of ten." (I really was exhausted.) She always finds good clothes so she gave it an 8 and said it was well worth the drive.

Hmmm. Now that I am showing the photos of my finds I think I was overly critical, I got great stuff.

Beautiful autumn scarf that I guess I bought only because it goes so well with the yellowware bowl. How silly is that.

Not sure how I'll use it, I don't wear camel...maybe with grey or rose? Good colors for me, even if rarely worn by me. 4.oo

The yellowware bowl. You all know I have never not bought a found 2 dollar bowl, lol. It's in perfect condition, medium smallish.

Not entirely sure it is vintage, the bottom looks very new and pristine. [thoughts?]

Sweet little crescent dish for my etsy shop's sewing section. I add a magnet to the base. It's very small for a bone dish, perhaps is meant for tea bags? But it is big enough to hold your thimble, needle, and embroidery scissors.

I was surprised that it is English, I thought German or Austrian, c. 1900: its name is Dorothy, so sweet.

A deck of cards from France. Never opened or used. I mostly bought it for the flower paintings, though I recently realized all the card decks in my hurricane toy chest are missing cards.

The names of the face cards are of course in French and a smidge distracting, but the suits seem fine. V for jacks, villains?; R or Roi for the King, D for the Queen, Dame?

Aren't they pretty! $1.oo

A very useful Depression glass green lemon twister or juicer.

Not the top of a measuring cup but meant to be used as is and with the narrow reamer point for lemons. I use lemons a lot when a recipe calls for wine and I am out or serving to children, so I'll use it a lot. 1.oo [repro?].

And though I am not buying too many Mason jars just now, I did fall for this interesting foreign jar.

I don't know if it is old, it has the circle blobs on the neck to hold a bail or wire closure, but it's very crisp and shiny.

 I thought for some reason the words were Polish but no, Spanish, of sorts. I loved the rising Sun at the bottom ...but it kinda gives me the creeps, like maybe it held a Santeria candle at one time? The words seem  mean Crystalware or glassware; "Praise the Dawn''; and ''Erde'', or Earth [Goddess of] so the motif is the rising Earth, not the sun, I suppose. There is  no trace of old wax, so it's a mystery. 1.00.


Meanwhile, back to the previous thrifting trip. Hobby Lobby has opened a new closer shop near the defunct thrift shop, so L and I consoled ourselves by stopping in.

I make no judgments about HL corporate policies and my blog is not a political or moral soapbox---I was just being a tourist, right or wrong. I do admire their wares and yarns and enjoyed the bright new store. I love their Farmhouse line of metal ware! It was hard to choose one piece.


Then there were the final days of the summer church flea. Note the huge ceramic white elephant, at the white elephant sale! I hope the ladies keep him!

I really liked this ribbon and thread display cabinet. It was marked c.1900, store display.  But also $55.oo! And big.

If you look closely you can see the slots for ribbons and spindles for threads, glassed center section is slotted for thread, under lock and key. I think the key was still there.

Worth the $55.oo if one had a place for it.
You'll recall the hand painted Rice canister. That day we also sorted through the electronics and found 3! cords for my Postal Scale. We had tried Staples and were told the type of USB cord is no longer made, the stoner kid said, ''Uh,yuh, like maybe a 1990 Samsung phone charger cord."  Yeesh.

So thrifting can be very good and helpful besides being fun with the thrill of the hint.

The church ladies end the year with a big under the tent flea, but I missed that. It is held during their San Gennaro Festival and there is nowhere to park because the tent is in the parking lot! And the rec hall is filled with folks happily gobbling eggplant parm and zeppoli. And then too---pouring rain!
Maybe next year...
Of course good finds are not just at the thrift and flea. From Ace Hardware, very cool, well, coolers. I love the melon pink one!

And a great inventive beach cart that turns into a table, lol. [No Mel, these wheels aren't good for my deep sand, but I still thought it'd be cool, my little sewing table! If it got balloon wheels?]

Last, who knew? A beautiful taupe scarf challis and lace, from CVS.

And coming up in October my neighborhood HOA is doing a white elephant sale and auction! Sadly I have a medical treatment the previous day and cannot attend; I'll have to find someone to go for me, after I peek in the week before.

"uh-uh, not me, mommy!''

Ya never know!

Have a good weekend.



gone to the beach....

Hint: If your dog [or cat] uses the topical drops for anti tick/ flea/ mosquitoes, and you hate the oily mess...put a child's tee shirt on the pet for a few hours. I much prefer the oral doses but Mo vomits them up. [Yes he really is supposed to have neck rolls,lol.]