I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pink Sky at Night, a Sailor's Delight

Or if not a sailor---this beachcomber's delight!
Hi! Sunday was one those November days, you know, the kind where it's hard to maintain one's love of late autumn at the beach. One of those dark grey days---no rain!---where it never seems to get light out, just dark dusk all day. There's a pink sunrise/ sunset line along the southern horizon, as if the day has gone from sunup right to nighttime; the kind of day your automatic car lights come on mid-morning and stay on all day.

It was warm when I walked Mo after breakfast, but an icy wind blew through the flea a few hours later. Oh I was cold in my old thin denim jacket and cotton scarf, no hat or gloves. Plans went a bit off and I arrived late, dealers were already packing up at just past noon, so no treasures. Just a couple pics before my hands got too cold.

nice big crock / jug.
flow blue plate

autumn carnival glass bowl

yelloware canister set!

sweet sampler
When I got home I immediately made hot tea. Earl Grey XXX-Bergamot. I was shivering. And I am never cold, I hate it. I gave poor Mo an early dinner, we had our ''evening'' walk in twilight at 4 PM. But then, as I made my second cup of tea, I noticed the dunes were glowing. I went to investigate and this is what I saw:

There was even a rainbow. A PINK rainbow.

I never saw a pink rainbow before.

My 365 Dotty for Sunday was already chosen, a pretty grey calico. But I had to change it and add the fiery glow of evening's spectacular show.

I hope your weekend was good, and maybe had a delight or surprise too. Even a very small one.



gone to the beach...................

PS This is kinda cool...the dark forms at the bottom of the sunset [not the darkest band which is the dunes here.] is Sandy Hook New Jersey, maybe 30-35? miles to the west! 

My house and the beach face south, and if I lean way out and aim west , on a clear day I can see NJ. Far far away.

Here's a map. Picture me in the further purple areas below the main part of Long Island. Then look to the left. See the hook, of Sandy Hook? Cool.